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    Finding an Answering Service

    TinMan Newbie

      For small business start-ups who are not at their office full-time, how do you handle sales calls and inquiries if not on your cell phone. Cell phones can be both a benefit and problematic as you can lose signals and miss calls from prospects.


      I've heard some not so nice stories of owners who tried answering services (just like a doctor's after hours service line). It didn't work out well. Does anyone know of how or where to go?


      Need: for a warm-body to answer calls, take messages and update the business owner on the fly.


      Problem: Can't afford a administrative assistant


      Question: Is there a service out there that is professional, prompt, courteous and inexpensive?
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          BDS INC Adventurer

          There is a company called Evoice receptionist that does an electronic answering service with all the bells and whistles you could propably use. However if you want a live answering service a company like CallNet might be a good choice.
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            LUCKIEST Guide
            There is always a solution to most business problems. What area of the country are you from??
            Most answering services are run well. That is how they make their money.
            As you said there are always horror stories that don't work out, but they are the minority.
            As far as quick solutions, with today's modern tech, you can have call forwarding and find a friend, a stay
            at home mom, somebody who has gone into business and has spare time to answer your phone.
            The trick is to THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX.
            Good luck, LUCKIEST
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              Hi TinMan,

              I am highly recommending 1-800 We Answer answering service. I do personally use a live answering service.
              They have been exceptional for the past three years. 1-800 We Answer
              answering service has been my answering service and their operators are
              very professional and helpful. At first I was a bit skeptic before. But hiring this company to answer
              for me, my customers are happy with the customer service that they are

              1-800 We Answer answering
              service are 24/7, efficient, knowledgeable professional and friendly Live
              Operators that can execute any business transaction calls, great and
              small. You
              will not miss any important calls for they can retrieve your message by
              any means such as your cell phone or main office, email you and fax back as
              soon as possible.

              Here are the following info from 1-800 We Answer company:

              Telephone # 1-800 We Answer
              1-800 932-6793
              Local Tel: 1-212-868-1121

              I hope that !-800 We Answer answering service will help you in search of an answering service that is time consuming and professional.

              Thank You,
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                shadrack Newbie
                I am a small business of 5 people i manufacture and sell tools over the internet i my self was contacted by all day pa a telephone answering service 24/7 which actually acts as your business and it has been a great investment for me as i do not lose any callers which means more custom for the business if you would like to check them out the website is
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                  Plumxpress Newbie
                  I run a property maintenance firm, about 30 people all in all, and we agonised about finding the right partner to serve my customer when we aren't in the office. The question, for us, was 'can we trust another company to look after my clients as well as I do?'. I think the main factor that pushed us toward outsourcing these calls was witnessing what our customers experienced. I called our office late one Sunday and received a grumpy response - not good - but what do you expect he's a great sparky only not too hot on the communicating! The benefits far outweigh the negatives as far as my experience goes and we are confident that we've chosen a 24 hours telephone answering service that can impress and serve our customers. I heartily recommend them our contact there is Andrea – she’s really helpful.