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    Receiving Cash From Non-Online Users

    kasamore Newbie
      One of our competition is using something called checkaccess from Bank of America, where the customer opens an account for the company to take money out of it for people that do not have access to the internet.

      I was at a Bank of America bank in San Jose and the clerks have no idea what it is. Is anyone using something similar that they can share with me or provide me with more information on how it works. The problem I have is customers that need our services but don't have access to the internet and finding way to have them make payment. Thanks.
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          DeanMalibu Adventurer
          Its nearly the same as Star system....some colleges even have the same thing for their students...the parents put money on the card and the card can be used to purchase food from local vendors and restaurants...that is if your business has paid the college to be a business that accepts these cards.

          Whie another alternative wass started years ago a pizza place took direct deposits from its military clients...they could eat for free when out of money, and at the end of the month the month the money automatically came out to pay the tabs incrude.

          Hope thi helps
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            phanio Pioneer
            They are called pay cards. Instead of having a checking account or savings account, the customer is issued a debt card and the card is pre-loaded with funds (like a gift card you can get at wal-mart). Some banks will even set up direct deposit to these cards. When I was in commercial lending several years ago, we used these programs to help our clients quite writing payroll checks. They would direct deposit to those with checking accounts and then direct deposit to these pay cards for those that did not have acocunts.

            These were good products as you would be surprised at how many people do not have or cannot get a basic checking account.

            Please let us knwo how the program works for you - for bank of america - I would suggest you call their phone bank - they will have more information about these products. Further, CA may not allow these products and that is why your local banker does not know about them.

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              amspcs Ranger
              As a couple of posters have pointed out, what you are referring to is nothing more than a pre-loaded
              debit card. Same basic concept as pre-paid cellular phones service or gift cards. You 'load' the cash in up front, then use the card anywhere just like a credit card until the cash runs out, then you put some more money in. You can buy Visa, MC, American Express pre-loaded cards anywhere, including online.
              The beauty of a Visa/MC/Amex pre-loaded cards is: unlike a pre-loaded gift card, you can use/spend it anywhere that accepts V/MC/Amex, not just at the store that issued the card.