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    Are You Selling or PREselling?

    salmarketing Newbie

      Selling is just... well... selling. It's trying to convince your visitor to buy or join your business opportunity. Most people are turned off by this approach. If you're doing this right now chances are you're one of the 95%' ers who are struggling in network marketing. Why? Simply because no one likes to be pitched.


      PREelling on the other hand is informing, educating your visitors thru informative content. It's the online version of relationship building. If you're already familiar with attraction marketing, you know the importance of building quality content that your visitors can relate to... Content that your visitors can benefit from.


      Network marketers who PREsell are always the ones who seem to generate leads with little or no effort. They are problem solvers. They don't have to sell or convince anyone to join their business. The PREelling does all the work.



      When you PREsell its all about keeping your visitors best interest at heart. Not Yours!