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    Office Camaraderie

    SelectOffice Newbie
      We all know the benefits of working at home: you can work in your PJ's;
      you don't have to ride a crowded subway; you can brain-storm while
      cleaning, etc. But after a while, the daily office camaraderie can be
      missed. Sharing ideas over lunch, discussing issues over coffee breaks,
      getting a few laughs in in the middle of the afternoon all becomes
      harder when it's just you & your cat in your apartment. For
      start-ups and small businesses, it might seem like you're doomed to
      never have any social contact at work again besides your clients. Do
      you have to miss out on the social aspect of an office to start your
      own company?

      Not at all! As a shared office space provider, of course Select Office
      Suites offers the offices, furniture, services and tech piece that any
      business requires. But we also offer the social nourishment that most
      everyone needs too. Besides a desk, we provide comfortable and inviting
      areas for people to gather, converse, relax and exchange ideas. We host
      events where tenants can mix and mingle over drinks to get to know one
      another, network and have fun. Shared office space allows for small
      businesses and people who are just starting up to get extra support
      through social contact with their neighbors and the tenants down the
      hall. In a shared office space environment, you don't have to forgo the
      office camaraderie - in fact, chances are it will even help you grow
      your business!