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    correction to thread

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      For some reason our last posting came through wrong. Here is an formated and updated version



      We are seeking business expansion financing. We created Topic here for financing last year but did not find an institution compatible with what we need. We are looking for a financial group that can provide references and is not based on high volume credit card sales.

      A FAQ was generated below for some of the common questions asked.


      Please feel free to respond to the email below for a faster response.



      Who are you?
      Studio Nouveau Corporation is a Los Angeles based visual effects and animation Production Company, committed to creating high quality cinematic animation and innovative technologies for film, television, commercials, new media, and games. Formed by veterans of the animation and visual effects industries, Studio Nouveau combined experience includes work on many large projects such as Transformers, Benjamin Buttons, Beowulf, Watchmen and James Cameron's Avatar.


      How long have you been in Business?
      We have been incorporated for 2 years but have been in business for 3 years.


      How long have you been in the industry?
      15 years.


      What will you do with my investment?
      Expand the business.


      Where are you located?
      We are located in Culver City/Los Angeles area.


      Do you have a business plan?
      We have a complete business plan.


      How long do you need the loan for?
      For approximately three years.


      Is your business based on high credit cards sales?
      No. All sales are based on very large project budgets that last months to a year.


      How and when will you pay money back?
      In annual payments over the next three years.


      Do you have a Lawyer?
      Yes, I have had the same attorney for 10 years.


      Do you have an Accountant?


      How much capitol are you looking to raise?


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          phanio Pioneer
          According to your post - no credit cards so business cash advances are out.

          That leaves the following:

          SBA backed loans - might be your best bet as these programs are picking up.
          Personal loans for the founders or senior management - there are companies that provide up to $125K in personal loans.
          Accounts receivable factoring - you can get a loan or line of credit based on your current level of accounts receivables. Factor all of them or only some of them (get a line of credit based on your revolving a/r balance) - thus, you get your payments faster - helping to build your growing business. - There is also purchase order financing - you have an order in hand but lack the capital to complete the job - get capital now to complete the order (including hiring labor) - complete the job - get paid - pay back the advance plus a small fee.
          Commercial Real Estate - if you own RE or are looking to purchase RE - there are many companies that can help you with this. Get cash out of exsiting property or get a fixed rate long-term amortizied loan to purchase.
          Equipment loans and leases - if some of the funds you are looking for are to be used to purchase equipment - there are companies out there that specialize only in equipment loans and leases. Or, if you own equipment outright - you can sell it (them) to a loan or lease company for cash then lease it back (it is only a paper transaction - you don't have to move the equipment).
          Lastly, traditianal banks - have you approached them? If you are not qualified, have you been working on fixing those issues?

          Why you might ask did I mention all of these? Because you might not be able to find one player that can get you all the capital you need - you might have to get creative (that is your business) and find several options that in total meet your needs.

          More information on all of these can be found on our website.

          Business Money Today