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    Can Anyone Truly Guarantee Top 5 Search Results?

    ChrisKinetic Newbie

      The dynamic nature of a networked web, the constant modification of search engine ranking methods and the random online activity surrounding our competitors in any region of North America make organic search results unpredictable. So the answer to 'Can Anyone Promise Top 5 Organic Search Results?' is probably "no."


      If anyone does guarantee top organic search results we might first ask what proprietary information they have about the constant adjustments made to content ranking search algorithms. And then maybe what they know exactly about our competitors' day to day online activity.


      Even if there were proven techniques, the reality of the online environment we compete in is... it's never standing still. Logic would have that Google needs timely content from geographically relevant business experts for their search indexes. Logic would have Google wants to protect the quality of their search results by reducing the weight of signals http://i.e. abused meta data & non specific back links that might be used to manipulate them. Logic would have that consistent relevant & timely content, and detectable activity stemming from that content, achieves & sustains organic search optimization.


      Beyond Search, because RSS enables a blogs' content to go wherever it's needed, Internet optimization might be the ultimate goal! Examples beyond search discovery include content that moves direct to subscribers, direct onto other sites and/ or direct into various social networks.


      In an environment where our future customers leverage random resources online to research & discover, it's relevant & timely content activity that will:

      1. generate more qualified search discovery;
      2. generate more voluntary RSS subscription;
      3. generate more links, bookmarks, forwards, recommendations;
      4. differentiate as dedicated, knowledgeable, trustworthy;
      5. establish unique marketplace brand and
      6. generate lead opportunities!

      Yes we need good publishing solutions/ blogs, but Google discloses good site standards for better indexing. Better blogs are a matter of site design, maintenance and advancement work. If you want to capture and funnel traffic into lead capture based websites, affiliating a good blog is still the cost effective way to do it.


      Good active on-topic blogs achieve search results sustainably and they make them cost-effective!