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    Offering high yield with a 5 year exit

    illusionaries Wayfarer
      Our Business Plan intends to explain ripe prospects for our theater operation by estimating start-up and on-going costs, identifying revenue steams, and forecasting net cash flows and profits. Equally important, the
      Plan outlines how our company is uniquely situated to meet the challenges involved through
      diversified operations of the company.

      We present high energy productions of our own, plus rent out stage time to 3 other productons. We provide low cost high value entertainment in one of America's most easily driven to resorts ( a key to success in this economy). Our projected net profit margin is constantly above 20% and we may reach $10 mil in sales within the next two years.

      We are seeking investment capital and offering preferred stock at $100 with a 20% APR over five years.

      Inquire at