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    Operating a Temp Wait staff business?

    nycmix Newbie
      Does anyone know the steps I should take in creating a business, in which I provide Temporary Waiters & Bartenders for private events?

      I have been told to become an LLC, That I may need insurance for my employees, and a bunch of other advice. But the staff I send to events, are fellow co-workers and freelancers. I advertise, then, if someone calls me for staff, I call the Waiters & Bartenders to see if they can work, so its a bit confusing as to what I need..

      I have no permanent employees and do not plan of having any, and this is something I am doing on my own, with very little experience.

      As far as Insurance for the workers, which I am still not sure if I need that for the freelancers that I send to events, all of the Insurace companies I contacted had no idea what I needed, so you can imagine how confused I am.

      Thanks for any help.
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Operating a Temp Wait staff business, Welcome

          YES I know the steps to take to create a business.
          Do you have a Business Name??
          Do you have a Federal I D Number??
          How long have you been supplying waiters and bartenders??
          Do you know about SCORE?? SCORE is FREE
          You should also talk to a Lawyer, An Accountant and an Insurance Broker.

          Let me know how I can help you, LUCKIEST
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              nycmix Newbie
              Thanks LUCKIEST,

              These are some of the things I completed today:

              1. I obtained an, Assumed Name Certificate, being that the business name is different than my name

              2. Opened a checking account in the new business name.

              3. Made an appointment with a local, Small Busines Development Center office (SBDC)

              4. I then called a bunch of Insurance companies, and finally got one who understood what I needed, and they told me that "I may not need Insurance" for the type of service that I provide. And I have heard this from the owner of a Catering company, and other Insurance companies, but one potential client asked if I had Insurance, which started me on my journey.

              5. Read up on SCORE, and have the information for the local office, and plan on making an appointment tomorrow morning.

              Sorry to repest but: I advertise the services, ex; Waiters and Bartenders for private events, Then I contact the Waiters and Bartenders that I know, to see if they can work the event.

              I recieve a small fee for providing the staff. I am a middle man. I really do not know the official title for what I do, Independent Booker, Staffer, etc.

              None of the staff are full or part time employees, they are just freelance Cater Waiters.
              And I am doing this on my own.

              So... do I need Insurance? Do I need to become an LLC, or Sole Proprietor? do I need anything? I am totally lost.

              Any Help would be appreciated.

              Thanks Again
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                  nycmix Newbie
                  Sorry LUCKIEST, I forgot to answer some of your questions.

                  I have been providing staff for about three months now. But businees is spotty, sometimes its six to 8 events a month, which for me is a lot, then very slow. I am hoping it get busier, because the clients I had so far were very happy.

                  I do not have an EIN # yet, I was waiting to discuss it with the people at the SBDC to find out if I needed one.

                  I do have a business name, and luckily, it was available when I went to the County clerks office to check it, and register it.

                  Unfortunitly for me, I really do not have the money for a lawer, I am trying to start this business with a very, very limited budget.

                  Thank You again.
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                phanio Pioneer
                Your qestions are hard to answer specifically - given that they are broad in general and we do not know the specifics about you. I would suggst you try SCORE or find a SBDC - thus you can sit down face-to-face and be very specific about your idea and situation.

                You will need insurance for your business - to protect yourself if a temp does something wrong. But, if the temps are contractors or from another firm - you should not have to cover them. But, remember, in a law suit - all players are at risk and if the temp (a contractor or not) represents you and your firm - you are at risk.

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                  Staffing.Pro Wayfarer
                  Some other things to consider

                  Will you be assigning your Temps to each function and telling them what to wear (dress code) and how many hours they will be working? Are you going to pay your Temps by check or in cash from your company funds?

                  If "yes" to all, then IRS will consider the Temps your statuary employees and you are required to withhold all payroll taxes and pay your portion. Depending on your City/State regulations regarding food service personnel, your Temps may be required to hold a "Food Handlers Certificate", a current T.B.Test and a Hepatitus B vaccination. These you will have to keep on file. If your business begins to grow and you have more than five different Temps, you will find the paper work/accounting will probably require at least a part-time employee to help you.

                  Liability and Workers Compensation Insurance is a must! Much too risky to be without. Add all this info to the others advice and you should have a clearer picture of what you will be facing.

                  Good luck and much success.