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    How Do You Prepare for Biz Match Making Events?

    8acompany Wayfarer
      Do you have a business matchmaking event coming up? Wonder how to prepare?

      Hope my experience helps you get prepared.
      I recently participated in a business
      matchmaking event sponsored by the local SBA and prime contractors in
      the Houston area.

      These types of events of held across the country to
      help small business owners meet with decision makers in government
      agencies and local prime contractors. I have attended these events
      previously but did not get a lot of traction from the event that led to
      referrals and new business. So this year I decided upon a new approach.

      business is an instructional design and training development company
      that specializes in creating web-based training. Now in the matchmaking
      format you only have 15 minutes to give your sales pitch about your
      company, so you don't have the time or space to conduct a
      computer-based "show and tell".

      So I decided to prepare a "brag book"
      that consisted of screen shots of recent work that highlighted my
      company's capabilities.I organized the information in a
      three-ring binder to show various tools and techniques that we used to
      save clients money and time in creating training products.

      addition to showing the normal introduction screens, I demonstrated how
      we can take a lackluster multiple choice test and add audio and
      graphics to make it more engaging to the learner.

      Throughout the
      presentation I used key phrases and slogans about my company to help
      the organizational representatives shape at mental picture of how my
      company can fulfill a need in their company. You must remember that
      large companies are reaching out to small business owners. My goal was
      to create a niche service area that companies can easily tap into when
      they have quick turnaround projects.

      My advice to you is to
      re-think how you are presenting your small business at matchmaking
      events or when you are on sales calls. Sometimes it is best to leave
      the computer behind, even if you are in the technology buisness and
      come prepare to show and tell with paper-based flyers and documents
      that "tell your story".

      The result from my matchmaking experience
      was that four of nine companies told me that I was the best prepared
      company presentation and they were going to advocate for me set up
      appointments with their organiztions. You can have the same results!

      Here is a quick checklist for your next sales call:- Business cards with the basic information on the front and
      additional information on the backside, including business
      certifications, NAISC codes, and your company mission- Company flyers with lots of pictures that represent successful projects you have completed- Company Capability Statement that is directed to government
      agencies that contains specific codes and a narrative about how your
      company conforms to specific government requirements- Three-ring binder "brag book" with screen shots of project work
      that tell a story of how you created workable solutions for clients

      last recommendation is that in the matchmaking event, you are the star.
      Don't start off by asking about them, this is your bully pulpit. Seize
      the opportunity to sell them on you and your company capabilities.
      Don't waste your time on a dialog - get in there and sell, sell, sell.
      Then ask for an appointment to come in and start a dialog.