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    quick message from ke Solutions

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      Hello everybody,

      I just started using the forum and I thought it would be a good idea to introduce myself first. My name is Lorin Morar and I am the president of ke Solutions.

      About me

      Please see my bio and resume at

      About my business and my software

      ke Solutions company provides an easy tool for website development and creation of friendly websites. Quality solutions service in website development, web design and content performance are assured with exclusive use of keTM engine. We design user friendly websites that are easy to keep up-to-date. An optimal content performance is satisfied with the help of this easy tool. Our development solutions generate websites that are easy to navigate and the user can search and find information quickly. Our friendly websites design is compelling, elegant and timeless.

      We believe that the virtual world should have a better quality of life, and we encourage that by enabling everybody with a good idea to build a dynamic website quick and inexpensive. Our main focus is to spread the word about keTM and to provide training to web designers who are interested to become part of the revolution. We design web sites that focus on usability and maintainability. This means web sites that are simple to use, easy to navigate, easy to keep up-to-date, and that help the user to find information and products quickly. We work hard to create design that is elegant, timeless and compelling.

      Our services cover anything and everything you need to succeed online:

      content management system -*
      web design and print design -*
      search engine optimization (SEO) -*
      custom software solutions -*

      Sample of our work

      Complete portfolios

      Contact information




      Lorin Morar