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    Looking for investors in motorcycle product business

    Michael_MCC Newbie

      We have developed a patent pending advanced electronic cruise control system for motorcycles. This system is designed for use on any motorcycle and is NOT based on technology developed for automobiles. This system is very small and essentially totally hidden from view except for the operator's panel which allows the driver to control its use. We have completed a fully functional prototype and are now in process of engineering the final design.

      I am looking to identify investors with an interest in electronic systems for use on motorcycles that are sold into OEM partnerships, through distribution and sold direct.

      Thanks for any contacts which you may provide.
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          ggoodard Adventurer
          I would like to open a dialogue with you. Please email me at

          thank you
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            phanio Pioneer
            I want your product. Hate getting hand cramps on long trips - especailly as I get older and artritis is setting in. Most products for bikes are manual locks that have to be manaully implemented then removed. I do understand that many touring bikes (like Goldwings) have standard cruise controls.

            Have you approached a bike manufacturer? You might be able to set up a joint partnership with them - they fund you, provide you space to build - and become your first customer.

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                Michael_MCC Newbie

                Thanks for your response, I agree with everything said.

                I do intend to solicit interest from the OEM's at the right time. It's a delicate balance between getting locked in with one OEM or getting funding from a party that is not requiring exclusivity in the marketplace. I'm certain that you will love this product. I've ridden for 35 years, hate friction locks and have ridden a Goldwing with their system. In fact, I built a trike for my dad (Lehman, Goldwing version) and enjoy their solution. Honda's cruise control is an evolution of an automotive system which is only practically possible on large cowled bikes. Our system can be used on any bike and except for the small operator panel, you can't see it and wouldn't know it's there.

                So, watch for us in the market place, hope to be there soon.