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    how to continue an existing incorporated small business?

    dannyltd Newbie
      Hi, Im new at this forums, hi to all,

      my sister got his husband in jail recently, and her husband have as far as we know, an incorporated company, only one owner, him.

      it has been a pain to communicate with him from jail, and the company is at risk since we dont have training, knowdlege, and handy documentation to continue with the business,

      mi sister does not have and does not know what documentation to look to determine the type of business she inherit, so, we dont know what to look,

      at the company, we use a website that process our EFT and Credit cards online, they charge our customers, then they charge us fees and make a deposit twice a month on to our business account.

      we need her to be the owner or president or wherever but we dont know how to do it

      we are charging cash right now, but eventually, the loose of customers will began, we need to take control of the company and we dont know exactly how.

      she cant draw from the business account since is at her husband name, so we cannot dispose money for habitual and neccesary business cost operations.

      any advice how to proceed?