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    Looking for Investor

    simonyeo8 Newbie
      Hello All,

      Great opportunity to invest a thai live show band disco in singapore,

      Company: Club Dee Sanook Pte Ltd
      Operation Date: 1 Aug 09 (Pending)

      I have 3 year of experience in Thai Disco entertainment Club

      The area is near to the IR Casino which will be opening end of the year with 24hrs business, we are also surounded by Hotel & Shopping area this will extract more tourist and moever the F1 is coming soon around Sept 09.

      After 6 month of survey of 6 to 8 key outlets. eg Club Sabai Sabai, Live
      Impact, Club Nana, Royal Club, Thai Disco & etc. We discover their weakness & strongest area. we will combine all the strongest area to operate the business. as we will continous to come out new idea to be the lead and also to increase customer.
      Club Sabai Sabai is the only player using Thai Live Show Band because they have a big stage to perform.

      *Club Sabai Sabai - Operate from 9pm to 6am, 4 sets of singing section
      Extract more customer after 2am, Big Stage with extension stage Thai Live Show Band
      *Live Impact - Operate from 8pm to 2am, 3-4 sets of singing section
      Extract Young customer, Small Stage with Live Band only
      *Club Nana - Operate from 8pm to 6am, 4 sets of singing section
      Extract less customer after 2am, Small Stage with Live Band only
      *Bangkok Disco - Operate from 8pm to 5am, 4 sets of singing section
      Extract less customer after 2am, Small Stage with Live Band only

      Singapore only have less than 5 player operate untill 6am at diference location and 3 to 4 sets of singing sections, which we will be one of it to operate Business Hrs from 8pm to 6am at Orchard area and have 5 sets of singing section.

      Total investment require: $600K to $800K
      Investment break even 3 to 4 month

      Profit are the area came from Liquor, Flower & Lady Drink.

      Rent, Utility & Salary est. per month $110K, after minus Rent, Utility & Salary gloss profit est. avg per month is $300K

      Company yearly profit est min. S$3.6M.

      If You are interested kindly email to or contract me at +65 94569133