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    help building company

    ftisinc Wayfarer
      I am looking for any suggestion on how to continue building my company. Started with nothing and have gotten millions of dollars of advertising that I did not have to pay for. We are a diviersified company specializing in transportation, education, entertainment. We are a made for profit organization taking on the social causes of the day. If there is any one that can help please take a look at our website and dvd presentation and email us ur thoughts. WWW.FTISINCORPORATED.COM thanks claude a jones
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          onpurpose Adventurer
          Hi Fits

          You are a Christian company so you will appreciate 1 Corinthians 12.

          By all appearances, you are a small company with too large of an agenda. Being all parts of the body at once doesn't make sense. You say you are a "diversifed company specializing in transportation, education, and entertainment." Those are each huge fields.

          To build your business, stop, pray, and ask the Lord to show you the true heart of the business not in terms of markets but in terms of how lives are being transformed. Walk through the narrow gate and your business will grow. Keep being all things to all people in all markets and you'll continue to flounder. Now your faith is really being tested. Can you trust God to direct your path in one, highly focused, but deep service or product? Your call.

          Be On-Purpose!

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            LUCKIEST Guide
            help building company, Welcome

            You are looking for suggestions on how to continue building your company. O K

            Suggestion: Develop a Business and Marketing plan. The Bus plan serves as an assessment to you and as you grow the plan will help you keep track of the details.

            Good luck