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    GVC Financial/Mel Gilbert

    kavedoggie Newbie
      I wanted to know if anyone has worked with GVC Financial or Mel Gilbert in the past. His firm provided me with over three dozen references and every one of them I called/emailed raved about his services. They all told me "he can get you funded". I've researched a lot of firms that claim to offer financing for various projects, but usually you can find a forum, website or some other online space that confirms they are a rip off. I have two problems at this point. There are no negative or even slightly negative comments either online or from his references and second he charges $25,000 to retain his services and its not negotiable. There are also success fees which I am more inclined to pay since it's tied to financing. I know this probably doesn't sound like a problem, but how can this firm be so good and no one knows about them. Any feedback would be appreciated especially if you've worked with them in the past.
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          wilfin Adventurer
          Can you elaborate on what exactly a $25,000 fee entails? You are more than welcome to research
          my company and I can also provide you with references. However I won't charge you $25,000 and
          I won't tell you what you want to hear unless it's the truth. I know nothing about this company and
          have nothing I can state about them. I am a broker and have access to several legitimate funding
          sources, none that will charge an outlandish up front fee. My question is, if you have strong
          financials, a resume showing you know darn well what you are doing with your business, there
          are several,several legitimate funding sources that will NOT charge anyone such a high fee. I
          honestly would like to know what this company can do that I can't do, and I mean that with all sincerity!
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            wilfin Adventurer
            Can they elaborate what the $25,000 is for?
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              jib007 Newbie

              Having used Mel's services in the past, and having become a friend at the same time, i can tell you that Mel delivers. He does what he promises, and in this day and age, what more can anyone ask for. He is honest, and works hard, and obviously is well connected. And yes i have even referred him to a friend, and yes my friend paid the retainer, and is in the process of working a deal now. ( July 3rd 2009) . Mel to my knowledge does no advertising. He was referred to me, but a gentleman that had done a deal with Mel. He know that we were looking, and introduced us to Mel. Just like i did to my friend. I jokingly call Mel the wizard of oz. Cause he is the man behind the curtain, pulling all the strings, and 99.9% of the folks never see him, unless you get introduced.
              I would do a deal with mel on a hand shake and never think twice.

              jack from northeast.
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                tayl428 Newbie

                Probably a little late to reply, but I was in the same situation you are in.  I was looking for a raise of $5MM - $8MM capital for an acquisition, and after failing for 6 months of VC's and investors, I bit my lip and hired Mel and GVC (yes, at $25k).  Mel and his team was nothing short of fantastic.  They found an all debt solution for me (keep in mind, it was early 2008) and a $5MM raise.  When something outside of Mel's control caused the deal to delay, Mel found yet another solution for me about 1 year later (2009, it was a partner this time).  Mel does what he says he can do.  I agree that $25k is a bit steep, but he did what I and my original financial contacts couldn't do.  After becoming a client of Mel, I now also have a fantastic resource in the financial M&A world.