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    Check out BlueHost

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      I work with small business owners through a TXDOT contract. I host over 50 websites and recommend They are based in Utah - they employ Americans, so there is no language barrier. The hosting service is very reasonable ($100 / year) that includes a domain registration (private listing include).

      Because you are a beginner, I would recommend setting up your website as a blog - using WordPress. And using PayPal as your ecommerce solution.
      WordPress is easy to setup (or get someone to do it for you in an afternoon - that is the entire site populated with your content) and you can update the information (text, pictures, links) yourself. And WordPress is very search engine friendly, so you can start to get some great results quickly.

      PayPal is secure and does not charge you fees like typical ecommerce services.

      If you are seeking a true ecommerce solution, you wil need three parts: your bank checking account, a gateway (I use and recommend and a shopping cart ( I have just switched to They have a $5/month solution that is very robust. You do need a programmer to help you get your ecommerce setup the first time though. Best of luck, hope this tips were helpful.

      Questions? Feel free to contact me at Design2Train -