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    i want to start a food truck

    vadasweetvada Newbie
      im trying to start a food truck business selling fried fish and chicken mostly i want to be able to move around and go where there is a need till i find a good location i also need help just getting started with distributors for fish and chicken and the best way to go about getting a truck or should i start of with a cart i don't have money like that but ive had this dream for so long till im ready to put it to action i know there is a need i live in camden nj and its coming back and there really no other vendors doing this in the area if anyone can give me some helpful suggestion i would be so grateful
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          I want to start a food truck, Welcome

          O K you are a food truck. Only kidding. If I wanted to start a business I would do two things.

          ONE: Develop a business plan TWO: Contact SCORE. SCORE is FREE

          Good luck
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            bizconsultant Scout

            You definetely should develop a plan. Find out the liscensing requirements for such an endeavor and borrow at least enough to cover your equipment and supply needs and 6 mths of operations. Do a little grass roots market research also to see how people in your planned area of operation would feel about such an enterprise.If you dont get the warm and fuzzy feedback you need, I may think twice about starting it.

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