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    SBA 8a Application Services

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      There is no better time than now to seek SBA 8a certification. Why? With all of the new federally funded project monies flowing into states, certified SBA 8a companies are at the right place, at the right time.

      What is SBA 8a Certification?
      The Small Business Administration has a program specifically created to help "level the contract playing field" for historically underutilized businesses (woman-owned, minority-owned, service disabled veteran-owned). The SBA 8a Business Development Program provides federally certified small business owners with the opportunity to bid on "set aside" contracts.

      What are the components of the SBA 8a Application?
      There are two main parts: the online application where you copy numbers from tax forms into various online forms. The second part is completing a social / economic disadvantage narrative (also known as the Form 1010 narrative), the most difficult part of the application. Why? Because you are telling the story of all of the humiliations, disappointments and failures you have endured moving from student to employee to business owner. The narrative is difficult for good writers as well.

      The narrative is a "lemons" story, instead of a "lemons to lemonade". Many people get too emotional when preparing the narrative and never complete their application. There are no clear instructions or criteria given by the SBA on writing the disadvantage narrative.

      We recommend since the small business arena has become so competitive, you will want to examine getting help preparing your application or at least the disadvantage narrative. We have helped hundreds of small business owners prepare their narratives.

      This is an historic time to get your company 8a certified. Catch the wave and ride it through these tough times as you grow your small business on federal contract opportunities. Call us toll free: 888-802-9620 or learn more at: