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    Need assistance in approaching new customers directly

    intell.sys Newbie
      Hi All,

      I am software engineer having 3 years for experience currently living in Sunnyvale CA. We are operating software development firm in India in Web and desktop development, I came for business trip. My brother is driving the firm with the name IIntellisys, he has been in the software field since 6 years and now we opened own company in pune, India early 2008. We use to get projects from US from and freelancing websites. However our growth is pretty slow since projects we are working on have been low budget, so that we are just affording 5 to 6 resources without making significant profit.

      Now I want to get projects and need to approach clients directly in US. I have knowledge of SDLC but don't have experience in bringing business to the industry. I don't know the steps and ways to approach clients who need software assistance which we can fulfill with great quality. I am wondering to start cold calling by getting company contacts from Yellow pages, not sure how much effective it would be.

      I am in need of advice, suggestions from expert members of community of this site. Any response will be highly appreciated. Also please advice how can I make partners for my company.

      Look forward to response.

      Best Regards,