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    If you live in Georgia....

    saveontherms Newbie

      Greetings to everyone that reads this post,

      I'm in the business of saving people money.

      If you live in Georgia....and you have natural gas service, not propane. I might be able to save you some

      money. All you have to do is go to my website, click on Energy, then click on Georgia, and then click on

      residential rates. Check out my rate at .835 per therm on a 12 month rate.

      It's easy to switch!!!! If you like that rate, just get back to the first page and click on enroll for service

      Stream Energy. The bill needs to be in your name, and you will need to have your bill handy to do it right.

      Any questions you can e-mail me or call me, my number is posted on my website.

      Thank you for your precious time and God bless,