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    Obtaining new internet services, being ripped off

    massagefever Adventurer
      I know that each state is different but this just irks me to no end.

      I recently opened a small business in a location that had cable internet service previously. I can't get the full story, but supposedly there was a storm that knocked down the line and the cable repairmen cut the line to the box.

      Now in order to get internet service I have been told I will have to pay $2600 for them to run a line under a busy highway to get to me. In order to avoid the paying the $2600 up front, so they can be sure to recoup their cost, I may sign a contract with services they picked out for 36 months that comes up to the equivalent of me paying them over $10,000.

      I have no problem signing a lesser contract that amounts to their actual cost plus some profit but I feel what they are doing is a scam and should be illegal. Do I have any recourse?

      I have tried other internet options and they don't work in my location. Too far out for DSL, etc. But this is ridiculous.