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    Need an e-commerce website.

    Yakimova Adventurer
      I've been looking around for a e-commerce website and Network Solutions ( caught my attention. They offer a complete e-commerce package including website, hosting, merchant account, shopping cart, inventory management, order processing and shipment, and so on.

      I was wondering if anyone has used or is currently using NS for your business needs and if so, whether you're happy with them?

      I can't afford to hire a website designer/website builder so I think the Pro-Ecommerce package by Network Solutions is the best way to go. I've already checked similar e-commerce packages (Yahoo! Merchant Solutions and Volusion but I found the package offered by NS more complete and worth its money. Any suggestions?

      Thank you kindly for your time!
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          globalmpr Wayfarer

          You can try googling top e-commerce solutions and picking the best one that fits your budget. A bad habit I have is trying to do everything myself to cut cost. You can also look into hiring a college intern to save money. College kids are experienced and can cost you less than a fraction a professional would. Good luck!

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            dani80 Wayfarer
            Honestly, it is indeed difficult to figure out what the best e-commerce package is for your needs because the options are endless. I would suggest that you go with the hosted solution you've been looking at since hosted solutions like that one and Ebay Prostores tend to have a lot of support and documentation that makes things easier to handle for those without as much technical knowledge. The non-hosted shopping carts that I prefer X-Cart and the like are good but you may need to hire an e-commerce designer/developer to customize your site in a professional manner.
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                Yakimova Adventurer
                I wanted to go with Network Solutions but I found out that there are many issues with their Pro-Ecommerce package. A lot of people complain from NS.
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                    dani80 Wayfarer
                    Well maybe you should check out Ebay ProStores, there's monthly pricing that's afforable. I've customized a couple stores for clients and found it to be intuitive for them to work with and update. You can use their templates and don't absolutely need a designer/devleoper if you want a basic layout. There's also a lot of documentation and good phone support.
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                        zolacat999 Adventurer
                        How much is your budget because i presume you are more looking for an online store rather than a full integrated e-commerce site because their are many companys that offer shopping carts that can be integrated into an ordinary website thus turning it into an online store alowing you to sell things online at a fraction of the cost.
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                            Yakimova Adventurer
                            My budget is very small, around $300 (I know it's not enough) but I do need everything included in a complete e-commerce package, from website template, merchant account, shoping cart, inventory management, shiping, order processing, invoices, local taxes, SEO, hosting, fraud protection, etc.
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                                zolacat999 Adventurer
                                Well $300 is not an implausible amount i think you may have been getting confused between e-commerce which can cost loads way above $300 and an online store which you can just about get for $300, our company may be able to fulfil your needs why don;t you give us an email at
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                                    zolacat999 Adventurer
                                    Another think to consider is that ns charge $50 set up fee and Another $50 every month so your $300 budget would be up in about 5 months
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                                      Yakimova Adventurer

                                      I thought that e-commerce and online store is the same. What's the difference?

                                      I will have hundreds and hundreds of products listed on my website, so a few web pages will not accommodate my needs. I also want to be able to add and remove products myself.

                                      This is a sample of the kind of store front I'd like to have. It's very simple, nothing exceptional:
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                                          zolacat999 Adventurer
                                          An e-commerce site is a site that uses PHP ( which is a programming code) to set up a shopping basket and makes the site secure and allows payments by pay-pal and by credit cards, obviously because this a completely independent system their are no monthly subscriptions and once it is set up it is yours. However, these do normally cost around $1,500 to set up in the first place, so way out of your budget. An online store is a website that has the ability to sell things but it uses another company to accept payments so that there will be a monthly subscription. If you used a company like NS then you will keep having to pay $50 every month for the remaining time your business is going. So the question you need to ask your self is whether you are serious about selling online? do you current sell offline?
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                                              Yakimova Adventurer

                                              I now understand that NS offers online stores and not e-commerce. Thank you for educating me :). Do you know how much would cost to have a online store that includes everything (or most of) that's in the Pro-Ecommerce package ( ?
                                              Thank you kindly.
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                                                  zolacat999 Adventurer
                                                  It is hard to give a full estimate because there are alot of different variables involved.

                                                  • There are a few problems that i can foresee from my point of view, although i may just be missing the obvious

                                                  1) It depends how often your stock changes, but yo
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                                                    zolacat999 Adventurer
                                                    It is hard to give a full estimate because there are alot of different variables involved.

                                                    • There are a few problems that i can foresee from my point of view, although i may just be missing the obvious

                                                    1) It depends how often your stock changes, but you would need to have them added manually, if not to much changes this can easily be done for a small fee per month ie $15.

                                                    2) It also depends on how many items you have because they will have to be added individually as far as i can see from a web development point of view i don't know how you would be able to add 100,000 items with out a large development team like amazon's.

                                                    3) most of the plus points about NS are just rubbish, and if you don't order a year at a time with them you don't even get a domain name

                                                    So to conclude i would say an online store would cost around $600-$800.

                                                    But that could vary alot and sorry about the previous post it submitted by mistake :)
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                                    amspcs Ranger
                                    I can tell you from dozens of experiences with merchants over the years that bundling services with
                                    one provider is almost always a mistake. That's because when you put all your eggs into one basket, they've got you right where they want you. The reason is, they 'rig' it so that the components only work with each-other, not independentally. So since it's an all-or-nothing proposition for you, that makes it very easy
                                    for them to rip you on one of the components, knowing full well you can't do anything about it unless you want to start all over again from square one. It's kind of like if you didn't like the tires on your car, you couldn't just replace the tires, you'd have to replace the whole car.

                                    The components of an ecommerce site--merchant account, gateway, shopping cart, web hoster, are all independent elements provided by independent providers. True, you have to pay attention to compatibility issues among the assorted elements, but if you work with a professional who knows what he/she is doing, you will put together an excellent system that provides you maximum leverage to accomplish what YOU want to do at maximum cost effeciency, meaning if only one element of the system isn't right for you, you can change just that one element, not be bound to and trapped by an entire bundled and rigged setup.

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                                      freedemo Adventurer
                                      I read your post, and I would like to offer a solution. Based on your needs, I found a company
                                      which offers Standard Features which includes a complete ecommerce package with a shopping
                                      cart and 2,000 product catalog with PayPay, Google Checkout,

                                      They also have a content management system which allows you to update your catalog and site
                                      content with ease. Hosting and toll-free unlimited technical support is also provided.

                                      You will also receive 10 free email aliases, web promotion, & web statistics. Finally, you can
                                      ship your products using UPS, Fedex, DHL, and USPS. (tax rules and discount rules are also
                                      a part of the Standard Features package).

                                      To get an online presentation, go to the link below. They helped me to set up my online business,
                                      and I recommend them highly.
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                                          Yakimova Adventurer
                                          "They helped me to set up my online business, and I recommend them highly."


                                          If Intelligent Design helped you set up your business, then how come you are also the owner of Inteligent Design (as you have stated in your profile)? You can just offer your services, like most people do, instead of pretending that you were a client of Intelligent Design. This only hurts your credibility.

                                          No need to respond!
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                                              dani80 Wayfarer
                                              I still suggest a hosted solution like Yahoo! or Ebay Prostores - $50 a month is not a high cost relative to running a business. He will be paying someone money either way. It is not realistic to say that a $300 one time fee will get him everything he needs to run a robust online store that has hundreds of products, accepts multiple payment methods, SSL certificate, multiple template options, etc. The highest costs are indeed incurred when hiring someone like myself to customize the look and functionality :) OR, going through multiple cheap online store/shopping cart solutions because you can't find one that meets your needs.

                                              I'm not even trying to solicit business through my posts, this is my objective opinion.
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                                            TahoeWeb Newbie
                                            Hello Yakimova;

                                            If you are still in the market for E-Commerce...We might have a solution to help you out. You can take a look at
                                            Could be something to work with if this is what you are looking for. The cart holds 2500 items
                                            If it looks like a good match, let me know. If not...I wish you the best of luck in your search.

                                            Have a good day
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                                              lorinmorar Wayfarer

                                              Hi Yakimova,

                                              I think that you got more advice than you can handle... :-)

                                              I noticed that you posted a message on the another thread where I went into more details about building a successful online venture, therefore I'll not repeat myself, but here is my 2 cents:
                                              • Do not use Network Solutions, as they do not provide reliable service and the customer support is missing the support part. As a general rule, use domain registrars to register domains only.
                                              • Your budget of few hundred dollars for an e-commerce website with thousands of products is not realistic. Unless you are a designer or a programmer and you can do a lot of work yourself.
                                              • As a general rule, you need to remember that you get what you pay for it. There is a saying: a poor man cannot afford to buy a cheap car. I cannot tell you how many clients I have that spent thousands of dollars (hundreds at a time) without getting any type of return on the investment. And then, they started working with me... :-)

                                              Feel free to send me an email to and I'll be glad to provide you with some more guidance.

                                              Lorin Morar

                                              PS An e-commerce site is not defined by using PHP. I'll not comment on PHP because I do not want a war... but Java, C#, Phyton, Ruby and on and on can be used too...
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                                                  Yakimova Adventurer


                                                  Yes, It's a bit overwhelming but at least I learned a lot. I've read many negative reviews about Network Solutions and I'm definitely not going with them. I'm now researching Go Merchant because obviously my budget is too small to get me the website I need.

                                                  I think it's better if I use Yahoo! Stores or GoeMerchant for a few months and if my business is successful ( I hope!!!) I will consider getting my own, customized online store.

                                                  I completely agree that I'll need a bigger budget for the kind of online store I need. No doubt about it. More money means more and better options. But that goes for everything in life, doesn't it? :)
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                                                      Hymesdesign Adventurer
                                                      Yakimova your budget is very low for an actual ecommerce site but I have a couple of solutions for you first and foremost being, we're a new company looking for portfolio pieces and are very willing to negotiate on pricing and while $300 will eventually be too low a price for an ecommerce solution from us we're more than willing to agree to it, a full workup including logo, for that price or less after initial conversation/feeling each other out.

                                                      Also you might want to check out some sites like for a short term get used to online business workings etc. and continue your search after you learn a few things that it will cost you money to learn other wise. Trial and error you know.

                                                      We hope we helped and ecrater may be a limited slution but it does work I can attest to that personally, though I no longer run my store due to pursuing making Hymes Design a success.
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                                                    exmmedia Wayfarer

                                                    We are a web design and marketing team that is located in Orange, California.
                                                    We can get the project complete on time and under your budget.

                                                    Below is our backgrounds and websites that we have recently finished.

                                                    Our leading programmer has over 9 years experience and a BA in Computer Graphics,

                                                    Our graphic designer has a little over 4 years and a BS in Computer Science.

                                                    These are the sites we've done recently:


                                                    You can see our full portfolio here:

                                                    Our skill sets do Include all backend Coding and RPS's:

                                                    ·Web 2.0

                                                    Were very good in Graphic Design and Flash Development

                                                    We've coded many shopping carts and backend management systems.

                                                    Please give us a Call at 714.277.4597, I look forward to helping you succeed.
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                                                      lawjaya Wayfarer

                                                      free to for you save cost.
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                                                        Szarafin Wayfarer
                                                        There are also many open source solution as Zen Cart for instance.

                                                        <a href="">Zen Cart</a>

                                                        They are free of charge, so that for the beginning entrepreneur it is the best solution.

                                                        Magdalena Szarafin
                                                        <a href="">
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                                                            lovemykids Wayfarer
                                                            OMG never use open source for your shopping cart. That is a sure fire way to tell your customers that you use a free shopping cart.
                                                            I have had great luck with Yahoo Small Business. You might want to look into that service.
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                                                                MICHAEL8141 Newbie
                                                                The cart I have now is under construction and not even close of being down and Zen cart our no good. That all I hear is good things.on Zen cart I had better on before and was better but not to my liking. I do apperciate you critique. The cart I have is not what going to look like. Let me show what I going to build with a designer hopefully

                                                                So you don't like open source so what shopping cart brand do you like. is the one you look at and this not what I want and getting one like best battery and all features all most and 2500 and yes going be SSL secured. I have tones of experience. Last cart I had go infected some how and messed up my shopping cart so I building another one.

                                                                In your opinion what would be a good shopping to do one like this Only one I can think of is Magento but hear it big, slow and hard to to learn.

                                                                If you like give your advice and I thank you for your critique on DiscounterDepot and no were ready. Let me no.


                                                                Thank your for your imput
                                                                Michael Ladd of
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                                                              phnxpete Newbie
                                                              Just signed on but have you checked out the information and free tutoriaqls at the SBA on e-commerce



                                                              I know has templates as for websites does you internet provider offer business hosting services?

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                                                                ansars Newbie
                                                                If the above is over-priced I've found a recent review on an e-commerce solution called Big Commerce:

                                                       <---- will cost you more and has less features and options than Big Commerce from what I read in the review. you can even try a 15-day trial with no obligations I have tested it and it has everything you need to run an actual store and handles everything at ease.<br />

                                                                I'll be looking back at this thread to see if you responded.
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                                                                  Stealsanddeal Newbie
                                                                  GoDaddy offers a great deal for e-commerce and shopping carts. I have just started using them and have been happy with everything so far. And for a monthly fee they are great. Here is the link