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    USA or Overseas?

    houseofthorne Newbie
      Ok hello I am a new designer. Very new to the business and I am very lost. I am good at what I do as far as design but when it comes to the business side i have much to learn and that goes for the construction as well. Now i do not know how to create patterns. Do the manufacturers to that as well? What's the minimum that you have to buy from them? Is it cheaper to buy in the US or Overseas? I read that the owner of Forever 21 had manufacturers in LA and it had an excellent turnaround. But like I said I am new I don't really know what I am doing and I have made a good job of faking it. How can you predict profits for your business? I am working on a business proposal and they want budgets and things and how your going to make money. How does retail people make money? What is the inner workings? Ok thanks I am sorry for the long post but I desire for this business to succeed!