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    Need feedback about my site for Writers

    My_Lan Adventurer
      Hey all,

      I'm a writer trying to get feedback of a site I made for writers, but feedback is hard to get to I'm asking here. The site I made is called ScribeShare and it seems the problem is people feel its like every other writing site on the web or they are waiting for more members to join. But they don't realize, compared to other sites which are forum or blog based, I built this site from scratch and it has features and abilities WAY beyond a standard forum or blog. As a writer, I created the online writers journal to specifically suite my needs as well as writers.

      So I was wondering can if any here can take a look, if willingly try it, and give me some feedback so I know what I'm doing wrong. The url is .

      Thanks to any writers that offer any feedback,
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          Yakimova Adventurer
          I noticed that the About Us section is messed up. You have black text on black background. I was only able to see the text when I scrolled down holding the left click down. I also did not like the brown background color you've chosen for the rest of your site. The quality of the graphics are pretty bad as well - you can actually see the pixelation around the edges. The website name and the image of the monkey are huge, too stretched out and too distracting.

          I write poetry myself and I've posted to a few websites and I really don't see how is your site all than different from the rest.

          My suggestion is: clean up the website, change the background color to a lighter one (white, light gray, light orange, light green, a combination of light blue and darker blue for example. You can even put a transparent image that doesn't interfere with the text. I like the font you're using (I assume +Comic Sans MS+) and the content is really good too. So you're on the right track but you must change a few things to make it more

          appealing to the prospective users of this website. As you said, you've built this site to suite your needs as a writer ... But did you conduct a survey to find out what are the needs of the rest of the writers? What works for you may not necessarily work for other writers. Remember this.


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              My_Lan Adventurer
              Yea fixed the about us section and am trying to make it look more professional.

              As for why its different, I am working to quickly to try and explain the product differentiation of the site. What this site has is a writer's journal. At first everyone says "I know a bunch of sites that have a writer's journal ", but those that try it, the end up taking the statement back. The journal on this site is complex and its mainly built for planning out literature and story ideas. For example, with a characters, you can first create name, age, height, family, gender, personality, build build, etc etc etc, like your doing a profile of a real person. You can do that for settings, objects, groups, and notes. Its not forum based so everything you have is stored in your writers journal that only you and other co-authors can access, and is neatly organized too. Its suppose to represent an actual journal but just online. And then you can start writing your story with all your ideas already planned out.

              Really the user has to give it a try to realize how complex and different it really is. And thats what I've been trying to do, any suggestions.
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                  vnavguys Tracker
                  I agree with everything that Linda has said and i will add a bit more. Yes you may give more than what a standard blog or forum design has, but....... you also have to give people what they are used too. People are use to a standard web design with standard features. Integrating good color design is very very important. Your color design and graphics hurt my eyes. Certain shades say certain things, this is a fact. For example blue is soothing to most people and tells people that the site is trustworthy. You can find all kinds of good information on color design online or in a good design book. The second is, your sites construction is such that Google will never find it. You have no meta tags at all, this is a key first step if you are serious about your site.

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                Yakimova Adventurer

                One more thing... When you open you website do you think it looks professionally? I don't think it does. Many writers probably don't take this site seriously because it doesn't convey professionalism and credibility. If there are two companies offering the exactly same product or service at the exactly same price, the company that has more professionally looking website will get more customers if not all of them.

                I hope my feedback was helpfull though harsh at moments :)

                Best of luck!
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                  idesign Wayfarer
                  Hi There
                  thanks for the opportunity to review your website, one of my favorite things to do is review sites! I've been in website and graphic design for over 8yrs.
                  I tend to be upfront and blunt, and don't intend to offend in the least, this will be brief

                  oversized and warped: resize it so it fits correctly height and width
                  Lose the drawing and stick with just text OR if you want to keep the monkey, make it much smaller and to the left of the text.

                  yellow links on tan, very hard to read
                  The menu on the top floats to the left

                  Page background: low quality graphics, very busy especially with the header and color choices.
                  Recommend: center the menu, use a solid background OR resize the current background (smaller) and reupload.

                  The concept is great and I'm sure it is perfect for the target audience. The design itself needs work to live up to the potential, if your users are saying it is nothing special, you need to SHOW them that it is and why.
                  First impressions count. Look at your competition and do better than them! If this is a site for revenue or has revenue potential, then you need to take the time and/or money to bring it to a point where it can produce the revenue you want from it. The backend may be high end and custom, the front end is not.

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                    JazMama Newbie

                    I'd advise not launching your site until it is ready to go: i.e., has a professional look. I agree with other peoples' comments, and add that it's better to wait to launch a site and hire someone professional to do it for you so that it looks "slick" and 'sharp" than to have people visit your site and never go back because they were turned off.
                    You really can't save money by doing it yourself when it comes to web design and your business. It looks like you did this site yourself in your spare time coding in plain html. Many site hosting companies offer pre-packaged, and professional-looking, do-it-yourself design for websites. I pay $119/year for my web hosting and site design from network solutions. It has the advantage of being easily editable and changeable and then I can upload with one button.

                    Sure, I can do it the other way, but who has time to design a website from scratch unless it's what you do for a living? not to mention it wouldn't turn out nearly as nice.

                    Best of luck to you. I am a writer but a technical writer, so the site isn't for me, but it sounds like some of the features are good. Now, you need a plan to drive people to your site (but only after resdesign).
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                        My_Lan Adventurer
                        I hear what you guys are saying about graphical design, but how important is it really?

                        For example, lets look a CraigsList. The look of that site is.......not the best. But it still is a highly used, profitable site. Now lets look at some of my competition, . There design, in my opinion, doesn't look that great and is even more difficult to use, especially the forums. But yet it is still successful. So how important is design really?

                        And the comment about Google and meta tags. Google doesn't use meta tag keywords for indexing a site. What works for google is a good xml site map. In searching for sites, keywords are becoming less and less important. Type in ScribeShare or Scribe Share and I rank 1st or 2nd in google without keywords.