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    Group nterviews

    aacl2009 Adventurer
      My company will be looking to hire 4-5 more laborers in the next month. Rather than sticking to the regular hiring protocol my business partner and I thought of a different way. Let me know what you think? Is this legal? Is it ethical? How would you feel (as employer or employee)?

      Step 1: Put out hiring notices and gather 20-30 applicants
      Step 2: Sit down and interview top 20 by resume perception
      Step 3: Determine top 8 candidates and hire them for a flat rate for one week ($500)
      Step 4: Take them all to a large jobsite and assign tasks then watch how they work
      Step 5: At the end of the week everyone gets paid and each person receives a phone call either offering them a job or letting them know that we are going to pass. Of course we would call the people we want first in case one of the ones we want says that they want to make more than we are willing to pay. If that happens we can turn one of our "pass" people to "hired".

      This method is an honest interview that let's people prove themselves and their work ethic. Anyone can fake a good attitude for a 30 minute interview but how many people can go a whole week without at least some of their true colors showing through? If we did this we would have insurance on the workers and they would have to sign agreements that this engagement only provides work for 5 days, that way we don't get any unemployment calls. Can anyone see how this will backfire on us? Do you think it is a good idea? Is it fair? Has anyone done this kind of thing before? Please chime in!
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          Bluesuit Adventurer

          impressive. This almost reminds me of the reality show Apprentice. I think you will also need to think through what skills/traits you are hiring for, and the type of expertise and skills it may require. Make sure that what you ask them to do, can reveal that. I also find that "hypothetical situations" and what if scenarios also show character too. If you do decide to go this route, keep us posted on the results/effectiveness. Given the unemployment environment, the scenarios will be tolerable esp. if you are willing to pay for everyone's time. The only con is if someone applys and they already have a full time job, they may not be able to participate in your evaluation for the entire week. So you may be missing out on a great potential employee...
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            Lighthouse24 Ranger
            It seems that this would only attract candidates who are local and currently unemployed (it is unlikely that anyone who has a job now would take a week off to "audition" for you unless your company and the job opportunity you're offfering is really something special). Is that what you want -- a hiring pool that is limited to local, unemployed individuals?

            If so and I wanted to do this, I'd be inclined to implement the idea through an employment or temp agency where they create the applicant pool, sift through the candidates. and make the offers for a week of temp work. So a candidate would be working for you at your job site, but would actually be employed by them during that week, and any potential legal fallout related to selection or hiring would fall on them, not you.

            If you identified candidates that you wanted to hire full-time, then you'd go through the agency to make the employment offers. This approach might cost you a little more money, but would take less of your people's time and greately reduce the legal/ethical risks you asked about.

            Personally, however, I wouldn't do this at all -- I'd just conduct a good interview (especially if these positions have normal turnover or seasonal implications). You noted that "anyone can fake a good attitude for a 30 minute interview," but I'd strongly disagree. The purpose of an interview is to predict how the person will perform on the job, and the right behavior-based questions can allow you to determine that quickly and accurately.

            Either way, great news that you're in a position to hire/expand! I wish you the best.
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                aacl2009 Adventurer

                It would be nearly impossible to determine if someone was efficient at the work that needs to be done without getting them out on a job. True, we can train them to do the work but some people are naturally faster than others. Some people inspect their work more closely than others. If I hire an employee that claims to look over their work before moving on but they do not have as high of standards as the next guy (who may be faster as well) then I have just hired someone who presents themselves well but is not truely the best candidate.

                The people we are hiring have a lot to look forward to. They are salaried so they can go home as soon as their assigned jobs are complete, the faster they work the more they make. As long as the job is completed to company standards they can go home for the day. Plus in about six months when we open our second location we will need area managers so the foremen we hore move up to area managers and the workers we hire move up to foremen. Even though the work is seasonal we have winter work that can be completed so they do not have to worry about getting laid off. With these and other perks we hope to have less turnover. I need long term employees so I am going to take them for a test drive to see who really wants this job and who is willing to work for it.
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                simon07 Wayfarer
                interesting approach. it makes sense if it involves physical labor. curious as to what type of laborer positions are you having try-outs for, as this is a clever idea.
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                  DebbyBlitzLoc Adventurer
                  Following up with you....did you go this route? How did it work out for you? I am very curious as to how successful you were with this approach.

                  I personally like the idea as I think when it involves physical labor you do want to SEE what the person can do rather than just talk about it.