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    Refrigeration Contractors Welcome

    rouldph Newbie
      Now that we are going into the summer months are upon us we prepared for our customers who this year will
      be having their
      Air Conditioning and Refrigeration systems service instead of replacing them in most cases...

      In the past we have sold to many H.V.A.C.R. company who have save on Compressors and made a good
      return on their money with us, so now even this year we see more of our customer buying up our product
      line then they did in the past two years.

      Why? well the reason is that people are in a bind this year then in the last two years and the value of the dollar
      has declined and it seems as it will be less then 0.4 Cents worth not the $ worth, with all the Government bail outs
      we now suffer the with every body. But the bail out company don't care about you nor me and it goes to show
      you who controls the market the Federal Reserve which is owned by banks in house and overseas it not
      the US government who own it "no no" ! If we keep going the way we are then every one of us will be paying out
      back to the FED-REV high intrest on all the bail out's by the way its a lie and we fail for it.
      Now we must pay for it.

      One way that we are paying is with lower prices on our products: Our name brands are Tecumseh,Copeland,
      Carrier,Maneurop,Sanyo,Matsushita,Bristrol,G.E., Embarco,Aspera compressors.

      Hermitic & Simi-hermetic in stock with free shipping so what more can be done to offset the high rate on the US.
      So what do you think is the right way to go?

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