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    What other business resources do you use?

    aacl2009 Adventurer
      I recently joined this network and I find a majority of the posts and articles helpful. Sometimes the items I read are things I already know but am not currently acting upon. It's one thing to know how to systematicly pursue a lead, it's another thing to follow the steps you know you should take. Some other resources I draw encouragement and knowledge include magazines, websites and books. In an effort to keep from creating an unbearable list I am asking everyone that reads this to list their top five resources, in order of favoritism.

      Mine are...
      1. Take Yourself to the Top (By: Laura B.)
      2. Inc. Magazine
      3. The Breakthrough Company (Book)
      4. Fast Company Magazine
      5. Linked In (Professional Network Site)

      What are some of your resources and why are they valuable to you?
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          What other business resources do you use

          SCORE. SCORE "Counselors to America's Small Business" is a nonprofit
          association dedicated to educating entrepreneurs and the formation,
          growth and success of small business nationwide.
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            MrCusp Wayfarer
            My business is almost exclusively online right now. I don't have time to list 5, but I'll give your 3.

            1. Jimmy D. Brown provides excellent advice. I get his newsletter and I have read several of his short reports and bought 2 of his produicts, about to buy a third. He knows his stuff and walks the walk of an honest successful online businessman. Can't remember his main site, but you can google him an dhis blog.

            2. The Warrior Forum - great place to check out a person or product in the internet marketing field.

            3. SBI!, or Site Build It forums. Site Build It offers a complete system for starting an online company with hosting, tools, linking, and support. The forums there are replete with advice and good people who have helped me with all kinds of things. To use them you have to be a customer, I think, which I am. I own 2 sites hosted at SBI!. Take a look here:

            SBI! also offers several books free for anyone, no sign up required, so you can learn to be a better online business person.

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