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    Accounting website feedback

    claurent Newbie

      I need a feedback on the website I set up for my accounting business,

      Thank you
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          Prophet Newbie

          What is it you want you website to do for you ?
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              claurent Newbie
              1) - generate business by informing clients of what are capable of doing.
              2) - give clients access to useful links
              3) - have an informative website
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                  Prophet Newbie
                  take a look at this site and the products offered, if anything it should give you some ideas.
                  watch the second video down it gives a good info on SEO...
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                      PVGuestCheck Adventurer
                      I am just starting out posting here, but I think it is terribly wrong this person keeps posting their own advertisement here. Come on, that is not really helpful.

                      Here is a link to what Google tells us about SEO. Follow what they say, they are the experts.


                      I really stress to my web clients you don't want to abandon local advertising, networking and other long tested marketing.

                      SEO is, in many cases, useless. Google tells you to build your content. If being first is important go ahead and pay for it. You get in first place instantly and do not end up with the long term guesses of SEO. No one knows Google's algorythm and relying on people who suggest they have the inside track is a terrible mistake.
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                          zolacat999 Adventurer
                          i dont think there is anything wrong with self advertising so long as it is:

                          1) relevant to the post, i agree its wrong when the post is about help advertising and someone posts about socks or something.

                          2) If it might help the person then i also think that it is ok, but this is only my opinion
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                              PVGuestCheck Adventurer
                              Given you just gave bad advice to someone else while giving your contact information I think I was entirely fair.
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                                  PVGuestCheck Adventurer
                                  Folks look out for the SEO "experts" read what Google says and make sure people you are hiring are following the standards of the world's largest search engine.
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                                      Prophet Newbie
                                      PV, this is a network setup by a bank, just what do you think it's intent is?, especially in regards to it's clients like us, that it solicited our participation.
                                      As for SEO I would totally agree, we our selves show prospects how to do SEO work them selves, in the end it's about the clients aptitude in doing it themselves.
                                      We ourselves researched the best possible company out there in this regard to help our clients achieve their goals and offer up their services.

                                      Being someone who has been in the b2b business most of my life, I'm aware of the very fact that most successful small business are run and managed by folks that just are not comfortable with the internet and computers all together. Personally I believe this is one reason why we are in our current economic down turn, with over 80% of consumers first using search engines and less than 2% of SMB's having any kind of real presense, this leaves a huge gap between the haves and the have not's.

                                      We our selves in switching from a 14 year old management tool company assisting business nation wide in improving customer service, suggestive selling and employee productivity, have gone thru a huge learning curve. Our AVT (Animated Virtual Tour) has gone from when it was first develope a nice sizzle product that showcased a business online, to an integrate website tool that boost quality site rating, hits, captures, saved to favorites and time on site like nothing else on the market today.

                                      To change from a successful decade old business plan that created huge income streams, to what we are in the process of becoming, requires a ton of belief and more enthusiasm then we have ever had before.

                                      I haven't been this excited since 1995...
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                                          PVGuestCheck Adventurer
                                          I think when you present yourself and your video as the answer to every problem, and I've seen you on several posts, you are not really looking to help as much as you are looking to promote, whether or not there is actually any value.

                                          Personally I watched your videos and was not impressed. I guess my suggestion is IF you intend to hold yourself out in this manner you may actually want to do it better.

                                          I dispute your numbers. 80% of people starting with search engines? Where did you get that one? Or did you leave out 80% of people between the ages of 18-34?

                                          My point, AS A WEB DESIGNER, is to say to my clients who sometimes fall for what you are saying is yes things have changed, and yes things will change, but do not abandon options that have long worked.

                                          As someone who also sells online in a niche market and comes up first to fourth on the search engines I will tell you my biggest competitor does tons of post card marketing and it works for him, it has worked for 20 years and it is bringing traffic to his site and making sales. I am following his lead down the road to this and some of his outdated methods because I want some of the money he makes.

                                          Of course I hope everyone makes sales here, but I think you will be better off not being the gu who walks into the business telling them how you are going to rock their world.

                                          LOL, "I haven't been this excited since 1995"?????? Are you kidding me? You are scripted even trying to reply to me.
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                                            Prophet Newbie
                                            PV, which video did you watch? and just what tours did you take?.

                                            Don't take this the wrong way but you do seem to take things rather personal.
                                            And a tad of a God complex as well. i.e. to know how another feel.

                                            I would love to hear any suggesting on other products that would assist business owners on improving site quality ratings.
                                            I would like to add if I may we have worked very closely with google and have had google employees to our offices.
                                            Everyone we have involved our selves with in the industry has been very up beat informative and helpful until this point, except for the occasional SEO and adword scam artist we have happened across.
                                            They seem to have a problem with the educational side of our sales forces presentation. Seems to us that most out there servicing SMB on internet services want to keep the prospect not only dumb but scared as well to internet advertising.

                                            In regards to our main product which is designed to drive clients from the web to their business, we quickly learned what good is it if no one is going to their existing site?
                                            In that regard we have found that most websites have little to no traffic for a whole host of reasons. We beleive we offer the client the best current mouse trap, and from our close percentages and our expanding large corp base, IT marketing experts seem to agree.

                                            I would also like to add PV we have over 20 test sites running the only one I posted here is purely a meta tag site with only adword campaigning to go with it. The site is less than 3 months old was only finished 2 weeks ago. The purpose of so many test sites is to test differnt aspects of search engines optimization strengths and weakness, even yet this particular site which has no google analytics code is already getting organic placements nationally on our key words... Guess we are doing something right ??? no???
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                                                PVGuestCheck Adventurer
                                                LOL, I think you show your real characer with comments like,
                                                "Don't take this the wrong way but you do seem to take things rather personal.And a tad of a God complex as well. i.e. to know how another feel"

                                                I guess it bothers you when you are questioned so you get personal.

                                                Interesting your site does not mention your relationship with Google, I would think that would be a great selling point. How about providing some evidence they have some involvement with your company? Worked closely? Do you have any sense of who preposterous that sounds? The world's largest search engine is coming to your office for what reason? Your brillance? Your mastery of Google's placement of websites?

                                                Somehow I doubt you are what you say you are.


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                                Yakimova Adventurer
                                Ha!!! You have a short bio and a picture of yourself and this cute little kid (I assume it's yours) in the home page. This is really, really cleaver approach to get new clients and I hope it works. It makes it more personal while still remaining professional looking website.

                                The website is easy to navigate and contains useful information. I have actually saved it to my favorites in case I need an accountant sometime down the road. I'm studying accounting too, but I rather have an outside accountant for my business.

                                There are few things I will suggest. Fix the picture so it doesn't look blurry and stretched out or replace it with another one. Change the background colors with more vibrant ones. Light orange and red will look very nice. Put "Proud member of CALCPA" under your bio and above "Contact Us". List more extensive information under "About Us". For instance, you can list the names of the companies/clients you've worked for (you mentioned in your bio that you have many years of experience in different industries). Repeat your bio but this time provide more info. You can also create a business profile in Facebook (there are many lawyers and accountants advertising there) and place a link to it in your website. This way you'll get traffic from Facebook. You can also create a business profile in MySpace and do the same.

                                Great website, very clean and easy to navigate.

                                Best of luck!