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    odgrell Adventurer
      I am a fourth year college student due to graduate in december. A few months ago I got the idea of starting a service that prepares and delivers breakfast to business places, residences, dorm rooms and any where with an address basically. I have drawn up an initial business plan and showed to a few people including some of my professors who agree that it is a promising idea.

      I would gladly invest all of my time and money into making this business a success except I have almost none of the latter. I do not have a lot of experience in food service but I do have management experience. I was hesitant to seek investors because I wanted to maintain creative control, but it is becoming apparent that this is all but impossible at this time.

      So I guess I am looking for advice and where to go from here, or possibly a silent partner. I am located in the South Florida Region.

      Any response will be appreciated.

      O'Dell M. Grell
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          LUCKIEST Guide

          It sounds like you have come to the right place.

          I would like to read your business plan.

          Thanks, LUCKIEST at " "
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            phanio Pioneer
            For business development advice - you might want to try SCORE ( or a Small Business Development Center (SBDC).

            For an investor - get out in your community and network. Talk to your professors - they may know local investors. Talk to other students - you will be suprised what and who they know. Get out and network - start with your chamber of commerce.

            For start-up capital - there are a few sources to help start-ups for small amounts - usually around $25K. We list several on our site. Further, there are equipment lenders that can help your start-up - many non-bank equipment lenders love to work with start-ups - there programs are much easier to qualify for - and they will lend for any type of equipment that is used in business - trucks, vans, cars, bikes, etc. Ovens, counters, etc. Even office equipment to manage the business. Again, we list several on our website.

            Business Money Today
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                vnavguys Tracker
                You may consider getting a job in the field so that you can have some experience. You dont have to stay long and it will help you to think of some things that you might not have explored. I get some of my best ideas when i am actually doing something about it and working on it. Plus if you ever consider getting a loan, you will be a lower risk if you actually have some experience in doing what you are proposing.
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                ProtectMe Newbie

                You may consider speaking to your local grocery stores about getting food in exchange for free advertising. Try to be creative and go outside of the box before going into debt. It might surprise you how many companies are willing to help in exchange for advertising, especially if you can get the attention to the local media.

                To keep yourself safe while out on the streets in South Florida with cash on hand - please consider some personal protection products. You can find the best products at

                Best of Luck to You!,

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                  saveontherms Newbie
                  I worked every position that there was to work in a restaurant for nine years of my life and God provided me with the opportunity to start my own, i lasted three years as an owner. It's not a bad business but you need to watch Chef Ramsey on Fox and realize how difficult it is to be succesful in that business. I chose a career change after that. My best advised is keep your overhead low, go mobile if you can-meaning a catering truck, so you don't have a blood sucking landlord on your back trying to get every nickel he or she can from you. You are planning to go to your customers anyway, so this will work great, and in case it doesn't work just sell the truck and get most of your money back.

                  Best of Luck!!!
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                    ggoodard Adventurer
                    Please send me an email an lets talk. I have over 25 years business expereince and I would be happy to share some with you.