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    Build a low-cost effective OPTIN DATA List

    dataformarket Newbie
      Yes, proper email marketing produces instant results. I've seen companies and entire industries brought up overnight with the use of proper email marketing.

      And proper email marketing means compliance, and compliance means using REAL authentic OPTIN DATA for your marketing campaigns. Don't settle for email addresses; you need OPTIN. Check out data4marketers com for samples of what REAL OPTIN data looks like. We have many discount databases that can fit any budget.

      Being a data broker for over 5 years, I can tell you that I've seen many success stories first-hand, and know what works.

      Yes, at we sell the lowest cost optin, coreg, double optin, double optin-phone verified survey leads, and MUCH more!

      Please check us out: is our data page, showing screenshots, samples, and letting you check out our data.

      Please send any questions/requests/comments to one of our various contact methods: AIM/AOL, YAHOO MESSENGER, etc...

      Please check out the following links for a decent sample: (has links to samples for most our data) as well as: to see our famous double optin, phone verified survey leads. As you can tell our prices are low; there isn't many that can compete with our prices.

      Often people ask how we are able to offer genuine optin data for so cheap.. A lot of times it will be the same database offered at a competing site for only 30% of the price... It's because we have a low overhead, low advertising budget, we're not greedy, and because of this we can pass along the savings to our clients.

      Also, I would highly recommend a special we are doing right now for our daily/live coreg feed: 7+ Million records of coreg data from over 50 different sources AND the month's supply of very high quality double optin, phone verified survey leads (110,000 records) I'm selling the package for only 300$ total. This is one heck of a bargain, and a great new,way of driving in a great response for your email marketing campaign.


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