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    SEO or Email Marketing?

    dataformarket Newbie
      Hey guys, I know this is a rather broad topic, but a lot of people want to know...

      And i know the answer already... I just want to see how other people look at it... Proper email marketing with optin, coreg, or survey leads is faster at making your site come up in the rankings... but are the rankings really what is important?

      Or, at the end of the day... isn't it the total sales you've generated more important?

      Just a thought for discussion. At we supply all of the optin data that's going around, and our clients are steady: meaning they wouldn't keep doing it if there wasn't good value in what they're doing.. Yes, we do sell coreg data below industry rates, and there is value in doing so, but we also carry the largest selection of data available.

      Now, if you can do SEO real good... how long does it take to get things started where you would be happy with the income you generate? 3 months? 6 months? A lot of companies can't wait for this kind of wait for a turn-around. Let me hear some optinions...

      Often people ask how we are able to offer genuine optin data for so cheap.. A lot of times it will be the same database offered at a competing site for only 30% of the price... It's because we have a low overhead, low advertising budget, we're not greedy, and because of this we can pass along the savings to our clients.

      Also, I would highly recommend a special we are doing right now for our daily/live coreg feed: 7+ Million records of coreg data from over 50 different sources AND the month's supply of very high quality double optin, phone verified survey leads (110,000 records) I'm selling the package for only 300$ total. This is one heck of a bargain, and a great new,way of driving in a great response for your email marketing campaign.

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          goosby Wayfarer
          Hi , I have and homebased- business with Ameriplan and what I do is help other people work for Ameriplan.I train them online or offline. And also help people save money by enrolling them in our benefits plan. So how can you help me generate more people to my business? You can call me at: 414-535-0177 or email me.
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            8acompany Wayfarer
            I have had better luck with writing articles and getting advanced on Google, while attracting many more new clients.

            I recommend This is a free service and really takes you to the top of Google quickly. I have had articles accepted as quickly as in 24 hours and suddenly I am showing up on the first page of Google naturally. I work with small business owners and always recommend that they take time to write articles.

            BTW... an good article length is 450 words - or about 4 paragraphs. So we are not talking about writing a dissertation.

            The second article marketing trick is to submit to a service that posts your articles to multiple sites automatically for you. This means your article may show up in as many as 1500 sites with one click. While this is a little more closely guarded secret, I am happy to share if you leave me a message at - Contact us form. This is a fee-based service but well worth it's cost.
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              bizstart Wayfarer

              Hi there

              SEO and email can both be effective ways to drive traffic to your website and capture new qualified leads for your business. And using both of them is better than using either one by itself.


              For example, in the case of a new website it can take several months to build up 'natural' search engine traffic. So using email to generate traffic 'in the mean time' is one way to get things moving right away.

              Social media avenues such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn can also be very effective for generating qualified traffic and new leads. And, despite the statistics that suggest that somewhere in the neighborhood of 70 - 80% of searchers are only looking at organic search results, pay-per-click advertising (PPC) -- such as Google Adwords -- can also be a very effective way to generate qualified website traffic. So don't put all your eggs in one basket.

              In the long-run, 'natural' search traffic may only account for 10 - 20% of your overall website traffic, but that said, if you've optimized your site correctly for your product offering and target market, the traffic can result in steady, qualified leads -- so it's worth the effort.

              Here's one company that offers low-cost email lists and also has some good marketing tips if you want to give email marketing a try. But don't do email marketing in a vacuum. You'll have much better results if you pursue a mix of opportunities that includes email....and SEO....and some other avenues.