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    Seeking loan/investment in the UK for Handmade Chandeliers

    Chandelierman Newbie
      Hello,im trying to get my business off the ground making handmade chandeliers, i am seeking a loan or investment to the tune of £30,000 pounds,for this you get a 30% stake in the company,i design and produce these beautiful things by hand using metal bending and blacksmiths forge, with them being dressed in Swarovski crystal,i also make the pins,have designed a smaller domestic version a 6arm wrought iron chandelier fully decorated in crystals all electric standing at 65cm high with wall lights to match,i think that this is a great opportunity if i can get it off the ground is endless, the luxury lighting market world wide is calculated to be $4.8billion dollars, i have a full business plan plus pictures of what i have designed and built so far, thank you for reading.