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    Does Your Prospect Know The Next Move?

    iyazam Adventurer

      As service providers we many times find ourselves in a situation
      where we get in touch with a new prospect and then the phone
      conversation kind of 'shleps' along...our respected prospect is asking
      lots of questions, he is a little nervous.... The questions start


      "When will I see results?"


      "How much do you charge..?"


      "How long have you been doing this..?




      the end of the conversation when the prospect is still not sure - you
      will say something like: "Ok, If you have any questions feel free to
      contact me..."


      If your prices are normal and you have
      testimonials to back your good service then there is no real reason why
      the prospect will turn you down. But its here at the end of the
      conversation where most people fail...including myself! and this is
      something that I have been working on over the past few weeks.


      many cases your prospect will need to be told whats next. He has heard
      good things about you and he wants your services..yet he has not been
      told what he is supposed to do next!


      What do I mean?
      When you end the conversation with something very general like: "Ok, If
      you have any questions feel free to contact me..." - the prospect is
      not going to call you back. Why? Because he is simply not interested in
      'shmoozing' with you. You may be a great guy - but he wants to solve a


      Therefore guide your prospect to the next step and say the following:


      "When will be a good time for you to meet this week?"


      "If its ok with you I would like to send you a proposal"


      "What is the next step you would like to take?"


      Guiding your prospect to the next step is taking you one step closer to closing the deal!




      Hillel Porath