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    700+ across the board.....

    KelaFunds Adventurer
      If we can't get you financed with 700+ Score across the board than we pay you $100.
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          phanio Pioneer
          700 FICOs are usually the minimum credit score for unsecured funding. If you have something that can be used as collateral or even financial assets like accounts receivables, purchase orders, or credit card receipts - you could get away with a lower credit score. Usually with financial assets, lenders are more concerned with the creditworthiness of your customers (the creator of the receivable or order) then yours.

          If you have other assets like equipment, machinery, tools, etc - anything that can be used for business - there are many ways to get financing - even with subpar credit. Further, you can even purchase these types of assets with lower than average credit as they offer less risk than unsecured funding.

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