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    I want to start  a business with imported furniture.

    HighRidge Newbie
      I have identified a great supplier in Asia that manufactures beautiful, well-crafted furniture which I would like to bring to the US. What are the different options for me to evaluate this business opportunity?
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          moneylance Newbie
          Hello HighRidge!

          Hi! I read your post about starting an imported furniture business. I am now here in Dongguan, Guangdong,
          China. By the way, my name is Lance Manatad. I am from the Philippines and I am now making
          various kinds of designs like, all kinds of furniture, cars or
          vehicles and indoor or outdoor landscapes. To view some of these
          you may visit me at . My e-mail address is Maybe we can be partners in doing this business as one of the most important factor of having furniture business is the designer aside from financer. We can do our transaction and designing furniture through internet if
          you want. I can also easily hire a sample maker and a color technician, qc & qa for our created new furniture designs. You may also recommend or introduce me to some of your
          friends if you like my works and of course the reward from us awaits!
          Actually, I just started establishing my designing studio named
          MONEYLANCECollections but I've been in Furniture designing since 1989. So please do visit me at and send me an e-mail about your ideas regarding my proposed partnership. Thanks and see you soon!

          Best regards,

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            KelaFunds Adventurer

            How are you?Do you have a business?

            What state are you in and do you have a location?

            How much money is needed for your project?

            What is your current credit scare as of today?




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              phanio Pioneer
              I am not an import/export expert but I usually find the information I need from trusted sources. These are the sources I usually use for gathering information. These trade organizations know and understand your business - they have been there and done that and will provide you all the information you need. I have no affiliation with any of them.









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                tuffgirl8 Newbie

                Hello High Ridge,
                I own a retail store that sells imported home furniture from India, Morocco, Indonesia, China, South America, Mexico just to name a few. I am already dealing with my manufacturers abroad and in some cases vendors here in the U.S. In your post it looks like you are interested in selling to the trade at wholesale pricing? Don't know where you're located but great sources are to go to the Furniture and Accessories Trade shows like High Point in N.C, Las Vegas World Market (city where I'm at) and many other big venues. Go and talk to the various vendors specifically related to the type of furniture you intend to import from abroad. Are you set up already to ship product via containers,etc? There's lots of work to be done there too like developing relationships with customs brokers, ocean freight expenses, etc., Who is your target market? Is the furniture low, mid, high end? How often will you be receiving containers and where are you housing them? Please elaborate. HTH