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    I do need your help!!!!

    copperpipe Newbie
      Dear friends,

      I am a new person in copper pipe sales field, can you please tell me how to get a list of the copper pipe importer all around the world, thanks in advance.
      At the same time I would like to show you the information of our company:


      Qingdao Hongao Copper tube Co. Ltd is one of the leading manufactuers of copper tube in Shandong province which is established in 2005, we can supply many kinds of copper tubes:
      1. for Air-conition and Refrigeration Field such as pancake coil, LWC, straight lengths coil;
      2. copper tube for drinking water, solar, fuel oil and fire protection fields such as straight lengths coil;
      3. copper tube for nature gas and liquified petroleum gas fuel distribution straight lengths coil. . .
      We have rich experience on producing and new products development, good quality with competitive prices and good sales services. . .
      we sincerely hope that we can work with you in future, if you are interested in any of our products, please feel free to let me know!!


      Looking forward to hearing from you soon!


      Thanks and best regards,
      Sales Manager/International Sales Department
      Skype: copper.pipe889
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          bizstart Wayfarer

          Hi there

          I'm not certain about 'copper pipe importers' specifically, but has a pretty wide range of mailing lists and email lists at pretty competitive rates. I'm sure they could let you know if they have contacts in your industry.

          If you want to build a prospect list on your own, here are some other things to try:

          1.) Use the 'Search' feature on LinkedIn ( ). I'd recommend searching 'People' first - and starting with a 'general search'. For example, try entering 'copper pipe' in the search box. If there are executives that actually have this phrase in their business title or description, they may well be good prospects for you. Also try 'pipe importer'. Then narrow it down to exactly what you want: 'copper pipe importer'. You could also try searching through 'Companies' and 'Groups' and you may find more prospects there.

          2.) Search Google for for directories of importers. Search on 'Copper Pipe Importer Directory' or 'Pipe Importer Directory'. There may not be a directory specifically for copper pipe importers, but even if there isn't, you'll find related industry directories that no doubt will include some of the folks you are looking for.

          3.) Start a group on LinkedIn and/or on Facebook for 'Copper Pipe Importers' -- this is a way to have your prospects find you, rather than the other way around. Start by inviting all the importers you already know to join your group. Facilitate discussion/forum (like this one!) to provide value to your members. Prospects will begin to find your group through your initial base, but you should also work to promote it in creative ways in order to make it grow quickly.

          Good luck. :)


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            copperpipe Newbie
            Thanks a lot for your help, I will try my best to work hard

            Have a pretty day!!