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    For Just $10 You Can Have Your Own Website!

    tlrtyler Newbie

      $10 for a Turnkey Small Business Website
      Get a working website that you can manage yourself, sell products and promote your business. Simple to use page editing tools, search engine submission and sales tools make running a business online as simple as typing an email.


      Our popular hosting system lets anyone build a website without any previous experience. With a 7 day a week phone support line you will never get stuck and always have someone to turn to when you need help.


      At just $10 a month you wont find another system that offers more or is easier to use. Our product provides a complete shopping cart, secure credit card processing and all the tools you need to manage online sales.


      Try the demo at and sign up today for your very own e-commerce website.
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          ajp76054 Newbie
          $10 doesnt sound like you are going to really get a site that will do any good I mean seriously.



          Come and experience the future of online marketing and advertising. You can upload all your business ads videos and all for free and reach new customers using the power of the net.

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            Yakimova Adventurer

            This website is not easy to navigate. Instead of taking your visitors to this long and irritating "tour", why don't you just list the different e-commerce plans you offer (assuming ther are more than one), and other useful information. I went as far as page 3 of your tour and quit because I was annoyed since I don't personally care how to build a website. I will need an e-commerce website for my business too but I don't necessary care to learn the ins and outs of putting togetter a website. I like Yahoo! Stores and Network Solutions because they tell you upfront what kind of plans they have and how much they cost. They also give you a softwere that walks you through building your own e-commerce website. Easy and simple.

            Hope my feedback was helpful.

            Best of luck!
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              bigcloudmedia Adventurer
              I hate to rant against other posts but stuff like this upsets me. Since when did company image get so cheap? One of the reasons I say nay to this is alot of the time you get what you pay for and alot of my clients came to me from programs like this to get a unique look and feel that matched their company, instead of a obviously bought-cuz-its-cheap cookie-cutter site that is a shot-in-the-dark whether it will work or not. After all, your website represents your company and is, often times, the first interaction with your online visitors. Is that ever important interaction, that decides whether your visitor buys or not, cheap and more importantly, do you want it to look that way to your visitors / potential buyers?

              So far, the track record, I know of, of successful sites put together through programs like this, is none. The company does well but the people who buy into it struggle. Sure it is cheap, is cheap. I am not saying that spending more on a website guarantees you sales by any means but take my advice and avoid the redesign down the road and actually put some money into the representation of your company online. This will help with image, presentation and also, sales.

              Just my two cents.