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    Looking for line of credit to support new business startup

    dkatnik Newbie
      My daughter has just completed the startup of a Tanning Salon in Elgin Illinois. Going into this venture she had capital in place to facilitate build out of rented space, lease of the tanning beds along with enough cash to cover 6 months of expenses. Long story short do to construction and design problems the project ran over budget in both time and money. Now that the salon is opened my daughter is looking for a small business loan to replace the 6 months of operating capitol which she had originally budgeted for. She spoke with Chase but they seemed to be uninterested do to the fact it is a new startup and it is located in a rented space. The cost of buildout alone was over $70,000 which was paid in cash. The investment in all other incidentals including electrical trransformers, washer and dryer, computer system etc...ran well into the thousands as well. Is there any hope for her getting a loan??