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    Looking for startup capital

    couponcarry Newbie
      We are a small start up online advertising company with very big ideas. There are 4 members of the LLC consisting of Myself the President/Idea Man, my VP of Marketing, I got my start at marketing in 2004 while working for a development company in MI, times got tough and unfortunately my credit suffered dearly for it. This being said I know that being the primary and having bad credit the idea of a conventional loan is pretty much out of the question.

      Now for what I do have. The 3 other team members have a very broad spectrum of talent and experience from the ex-Artistic Director of Carhartt Inc. who is taking the lead of the Marketing Devision, he has 15 years of graphic design experience along with market application. solid resume and an out of the box thinker.

      The next member of the LLC is the VP of Sales and Customer Service, she has years of experience with Pulte Home's as a sales liaison then moved to the development company that I was at, and is now the customer service/office manager at a GPS tracking company. She brings a wealth of knowledge as to how sales channels work, keeping the customer happy and most importantly keeping the company goals in line.

      Third is my attorney, he is still somewhat young but extremely smart and asks many of the questions that keep us on an even keel.

      We are outsourcing the actual back end development to an outside programming firm to keep some of the overhead down, this allows us to have an entire computer programming firm on call at all times yet frees us up to do what we do best and get into the minds of the consumers and provide best in class service to our customers and partners.

      And lastly, our company in going to provide a service that will dramatically change the way coupons are not only used but shared as well. while at the same time providing an outlet for local businesses to advertise on a site where people are basically searching for a great deal anyways.

      We already have an agreement inked with a national coupon provider to allow us to access their database of coupons. What we need money for is to build out the website to get it to a functional piece of online property, over the course of the next year we are looking at a total bill of about $62,400.00. We need to hire an accountant to manage our basic functionality of the books and ledgers. and most importantly we are going to need marketing capital to start getting the word out.

      Any advice would be greatly appreciated.