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    Expired profiles still showing up

    islandboy9 Wayfarer
      I have a question I wonder if anyone can help me with. My site is a MySql database.

      When the inmate profiles on my site expire, they should no longer be
      viewed or visible on the site. However, it seem as if the public can
      still access 'saved versions' that I believe are archived in the search
      engines and show up when searching for specific names. These for

      Does this have anything to do with how my site functions or is this
      search engine related only? It is good that searches for names on the
      site show up in the search engines but is there any way that I can
      prevent expired profiles from showing up?

        • Re: Expired profiles still showing up
          DomainDiva Ranger
          Nothing ever dies on the internet. There is always a 'cache' or a web crawler tht retains information especially when users have acess through the .com version of the site.

          I don't know if theres anything you can do code-wise to correct this problem other than maybe start using a :8081 protocol for users to access your site once they have signed up on the .com version only.

          That's how we do it. You can look at our website but that does not grant access into the user application.

          so the users web address would be:

          then you can program your code for expiration within the 8081 protocol.

          hope this helps