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    Looking for a business partner for a new company in England

    ECTEngland Newbie
      I have a business plan for a new company that I am starting here in England. The company is a coach company that will run a luxury commuter service to London. The aim of the company is to get a specially designed coach on the road wher the commuters can use their traveling time as worknig time. the coach will have special fascilities on board so that the passengers can work while they are traveling and be able to get drinks and snacks. The price per passenger would be the same or even cheaper than other services with less fascilities that are offered at the moment. Tickets will be sold on a yearly basis so that we are sure of our income and the customer is sure of their fixed seat if they travel or not. Once this first srevice is up and running then there is no reason why this cannot be introduced in other areas or even in other countries where there is a high volume in commuters to and from work as this shortens their working day by 3-4 hours per day. The inverstor would receive a 10% interest on their investment and a share in the profits. To view the planned vehicle and see mor info you can visit my site I hope to hear from any interested parties as soon as possible.You can mail for more info to or just call on 0044 (0)1843 570624