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    Please help. I need some career advice.

    willy0392 Wayfarer
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      I am a grade 10 high school student. For my career class, i
      was assigned to choose and research on a field of career. Obviously, i chose
      BUSINESS. A part of my research is to ask an expert in the community who
      already work in the field of business. Unfortunately, none of my family members
      are business-related workers, they all are engineers. So i would really appreciate if anybody in this forum can help me with my project, since i figure everybody who visit this website must have something to do with business.
      I have a few questions regarding business careers. I would really appreciate if you can take out a few minutes of your time to answer my questions.

      Q: How did you decide to choose your career? Who motivated you to enter this profession? What external and internal influences helped you with this decision?

      Q: Was your choice planned in stages or steps or was it the result of chance or unexpected developments?

      Q: Whay challenges or obstacles, if any did you have to overcome to reach your goal?

      Q: What changes and trends have affected and are affecting this field? How?

      Q: What education and/or training are required for your present job?

      Q: What steps did you have to take to obtain your present job?

      Q: What are the most stimulating and challenging aspects of your job as well as the most frustrating aspects?

      Q: What skills and personal qualities are required to be successful in this kind of work? What skills/experiences from your leisure activities help you in this career?

      Q: What is the starting salary and the average salary for this field?

      Q: What are the opportunities for advancement in this field? What is the outlook for jobs in this field now and in the future?

      Thank you for answering all the questions. I really appreciate your time.