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    Increase Employee Retention and Loyalty

    erinoir Newbie

      Increase Employee Retention

      Encourage company loyalty by
      offering a supplemental benefits plan to your employees. Our
      supplemental plans cover dental care, vision care, prescriptions, and
      chiropractic care. Our more comprehensive plans cover doctor's office visits, hospitilization, laboratory tests, radiology, and more.

      Group Supplemental Benefits Made Simple

      With access to one of the largest dental provider networks in the United States, AmeriPlan{size:1}®{size}
      is a leading provider of supplemental discount group benefits. We offer
      affordable health care packages for all groups, regardless of size.

      Simple and Affordable

      We offer supplemental to comprehensive plans, depending on your needs, starting at $19.95 a month per employee. List bills are available. If you cannot incure the expense of offering benefit plans, you can provide information about our low cost medical and dental plans to your employees free of charge.

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