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    Marketing Strategies to Earn Huge In This Economy

    yoursavings Wayfarer
      Hello everyone. I have been making money from home for 7 years now.
      People ask me all the time , is the economy affecting your business? I
      say yes and no. Yes I still make big ticket sales, there are always
      people out there looking for big money and big ticket programs offer
      you the ability to make big money fast. In this economy though I say
      you must add a smaller ticket program to your portfolio. You must add a
      business that EVERYONE of your prospects will get, understand, and get
      excited about.

      What are the only two things people care about in this economy?
      They care about MAKING MONEY AND SAVING MONEY. Everything else is far
      behind. People dont care about your travel memberships, lotions, juice,
      personal development, etraining courses, or ebooks. They care about how
      can I make money with something that makes sense to them. Not something
      that is overpriced that you try to ram down their throats. People want
      to also save mone on things they might use everyday like gas,
      groceries, department store rebates, etc. That is what 99% of the
      population cares about.

      I realized this. I know in my 7 years working from home you have to
      adapt to your prospects and what they are looking for. Sure some will
      always want big ticket items but I realized I had thousand and
      thousands of leads in my database where I was leaving tens of thosuands
      of dollars on the table by not offering them something else that they
      could relate to and get excited about.

      From working from home for the past 7 years I do know heavy hitters
      and top leaders. I ran across something that fit ALL my requirements
      for a low ticket program. It had a low price point to get started. It
      had a product and benefits that EVERYONE wants. It had a marketing
      system put in place that I have used to sell products that cost a lot
      more and worked like a charm. And plus I knew the CEO and he was a
      standup guy. Take my experience this is what is wanted in the market
      place. I take this knowledge and pass it on.

      We are teaching others how to explode this business. I offer
      EVERYONE on my team voice broadcasting access ( not Ibuzz or anything
      like that , real corporate voice broadcasting rates with all the bells
      and whistles) I teach my team how to go out and HIRE people to make
      sales for them. DO YOU REALIZE how many people in this economy are
      begging for ANY sort of work, even commission only stuff? For every
      Gold product someone sells for me I give them 35 bucks. Some guy will
      be able to do 5-10 a day. I then keep a small profit, but I LEVERAGE my
      time. I teach real life solutions to a real life business. And that is
      what a home based business is all about. If you want to learn more
      about what I am doing with Savings Highway check out the signature
      below. Have a great day and whether you join this leader or not take
      what I am writing to heart. Go out there and find a business that
      relates to the masses, then get excited, and get other PRODUCERS to