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    Invitation/Notary business

    Dwaz39 Wayfarer
      My girlfriend is trying to get something rolling doing wedding invites, notary stuff and other calligraphy/design type jobs for people. She alredy has some good places to market herself (her parents bakery, school) but does anyone have any other thoughts as to where she could put up fliers or distribute business cards? Thanks
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          FashionGal Wayfarer
          How about partnering up with other wedding suppliers? Such as wedding photographers, caterers, florists, jewelers, etc.
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            DomainDiva Ranger
            How about leaving info at copy shops or private mail box places?
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              LUCKIEST Guide
              Does your girlfriend have a business name?? Once you have a business name, a business card
              and flyers, she can go everywhere in town from the post office to the butcher, the baker ( she is
              already there) to the candle stick maker. the super market, the service station or all over town.
              The hard part is coming up with interesting flyers.
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                Lighthouse24 Ranger
                She might consider this: A few years ago, the wife of a local attorney started having ALL of her personal envelopes professionally addressed like wedding invitations (Christmas cards, birthday party invitations, thank you notes, everything personal she mailed except bills). It was mainly just to impress people, so naturally, everyone who was anyone in her circle had to do the same to "keep up." Now, I don't think there's a Junior Leaguer within thirty miles who doesn't have envelopes professionally addressed. Some even made their husbands' businesses start doing it. It created a whole cottage industry for calligraphers!

                I guess I'm suggesting that your friend might contact those kinds of people (they're easy to find -- they LOVE being visible) by personal letter (which of course, would show off her work and suggest how it might be used to make the recipient look good!

                Wish her luck!
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                  teacup Wayfarer
                  I agree with the previous post. If your girlfriend can somehow showcase her talent to others, that may help generate future business opportunities via word of mouth. I know lots of us are focused on mass advertising, etc. but referrals work great. For example throw a dinner party and have her address the invitations, etc., or when people give her gifts, does she send a signature thank you note with her special calligraphy?