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    Bookkeeping Basics

    Excellent Adventurer
      Does anyone know of a good book to buy to learn the basics of bookkeeping, particularly retail? There are so many out there. I'd also like to learn more about cash flow statements and other financial statements that are hard to understand. Also, does anyone know of book on managing inventory. I read that banks and other management associations offer seminars on inventory management techniques; does anyone know of any being held in Massachusetts or New Hampshire?
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          As you said, There are so many good books out there on so many subjects.
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            DomainDiva Ranger
            Sometimes reading about accounting does not always help a person learn it. Some universities have continuing education programs for business people. I took one such class and in a couple of hours I was reading financial statements and understanding the mechanics of the FS.
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              amaris3 Newbie
              Have you try quick book online or simple quick book it very easy I used it for my busines you get the first three month free with 20 customers after that you pay $9.99 per month

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                Sunkist Newbie
                Financial Accounting and Managerial Accounting is a must attend from your local college =).
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                  maxamillion Wayfarer

                  We normally charge $10.00 per questions for accounting questions, but if you are stuck at accounting problems and are on this business community, you can contact any of us at As long as you dont email for a continous tutorial or class, you can email us and we would do it for free. We have over 30 years of experience and have also taught in University
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                    Lighthouse24 Ranger

                    If you check with a local community college, the Business department head or an accounting instructor there could almost certainly suggest a useful bookkeeping book. In fact, most community colleges offer inexpensive bookkeeping classes at a variety of times, and there are even some courses available on-line. Since you want the knowledge, not necessarily degree credit, this might be a great option to investigate.

                    Search to see if there is a local chapter of a national professional association in your area for Purchasing managers (APS, NAPM, and PMAC are three examples) or for Logistics, Warehouse, or Inventory managers (I'm not sure what the national organizations for these are). These groups often hold regional seminars on topics of interest. Also (and this is just info, not an endorsement), SkillPath is offering their one-day seminar BEST PRACTICES FOR MANAGING INVENTORIES AND CYCLE COUNTS in your area. It's in Manchester next month, and in Woburn and Taunton in January. For details, visit:

                    Hope this helps.