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    How can I get $3000 for carpet cleaning van worth $8000?

    crptcleaner Newbie
      I have been cleaning carpet for the past few months using portable equipment because the truck system my partner and I used is in limbo. I originally found the deal on the van in the newspaper 3 years ago for $1,800. When I went to see it I realized I was looking at a 1994 Dodge van with probably the best slide in carpet cleaner money can buy- The Prochem Legend. This unit sold for about $10,000 in 1994- and that's without the van. At the time I didn't have the money to purchase the van, but not wanting to lose the deal I convinced my landlord to buy it. He didn't know what to do with it so he offered it to me for what he paid. Unfortunately I still didn't have $1,500 to pay him for it so a friend who was nagging at me about buying it finally convinced me to give him my landlords number. I said, " Okay, but you have to team up with me and clean carpet". Long story short, this friend is a horrible partner. He barely does the work of an $8 an hour helper, but since he bought the van he expects equal partnership.
      After several agonizing month of working together we finally agreed to part ways. Fact is, he wanted a working business and not a business he had to work at. There is no such thing! So, now I once again have the opportunity to purchase this van, but the price has gone up to $3,000 because as ignorant as he is about cleaning carpet, he was smart enough to find out the real value of this van. He wants as much as he can get and he acts as if he's giving me a deal at $3000. Truthfully it would be worth every penny. I've gotten to know the machine like the back of my hand and can fix anything and not miss a minute of work. That's how valuable it is to me. I plan on cleaning carpet for the next 20+ years and this is the machine I need.
      I want to actually legitimize my business because for once I am starting to make money. We began last year as partners, but since we were butting heads from the beginning I personally didn't want to create any more problems that would have to be ironed out later. I am good at what I do, and although my portable equipment is industrial, it takes longer to clean with and I lose those repeat customers I would otherwise make if I used the van mounted system. I don't need $30,000, I just need a pidley $2,000 because I have $1,000 saved already.
      Where and how can I get this money fast? My family is obviously out of the question because I have seriously tried to hint the best way I can. I don't think I could take the rejection from the successful siblings I have. I just get flustered thinking about it because I know the tone they take with me is usually belittling. Sad, but true. I am a strong person, and I want to make it on my own. I have a lot of good carpet cleaning experience, but not a lot of business experience. Although I have been in some sort of customer service or another for the past 25 years.
      The one thing that separates me from the pack is that I am also a vacuum cleaner expert. I wish to also offer my years of vacuum cleaner repair to my carpet cleaning customers. As it is, I already do quick fixes to customers vacuums for free. As I get older I wish to get a storefront and do vacuum cleaner sales and repairs, while dispatching a crew to go out and clean carpet.