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    Business Survival: Vendors

    WindyPlum Newbie
      Survival today is about utilizing all the partnerships you have forged over the years and helping each other achieve success. Vendors are a crucial part of our daily business lives and as such they play an important part in the quality of service and product we offer our clients. They too are feeling the effects of the current economy and are looking for creative ways to expand their market share as well. So why not work together and forge a more marketable relationship by utilizing the power of the "internet". We have many preferred (vendors that we can trust) vendors that we work with to deliver the promise of "high quality" service. So here is what to do; contact all your preferred vendors that compliment or complete your service or product, get their permission to create links on your website that visitors can review, and have them do the same on theirs so that together you can market each other's business and partnership. When inquiries come in asking for your service remember to offer your vendors service as a compliment to yours. Remember to work smarter not harder and together you can weather any storm.
      What other ideas utilizing Vendors is working for you?