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    HELP! Need feedback on my new site

    Blabber Wayfarer

      This is a new site just Launched. I would like feedback/opinions. I appreciate you taking the time to give it a review The site is this is a consumer website. It has over 325 free resource and free NO GIMMICK links. I am gett about 3000 hits a day in the last couple of days.
      Looking forward to your comments.

      Thank you
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          vnavguys Tracker
          A couple things I notice first off. If you don't mind being a bit critical this will really help you. You have no meta tags whatsoever and no keywords either. I am guessing you are getting your traffic from adwords right? This site will never rank organically with the way it is structured. What did you use to build it? (no I am not trying to sell you a service) I always ask, what is your long term goal with the site? This can reveal a lot about what you need to do to it to make it work better. I will be more than happy to give you some more to chew on!
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            Yakimova Adventurer
            I'm going to be critical as well and this is a good thing. The website doesn't look professional at all. Did you do it yourself? The layout is not very good, not very appealing to the visitor. Too many different fonts and colors, too much "noise". Make it simple and clean by using no more than 2-3 different fonts, add some nice background color or transparent image that doesn't interfere with the text.

            I'm a graphic designer and I have taken a number of website design classes in college to the point where I can make a website like yours. But for my business I'm going to hire a professional website designer although it will cost me a lot of money. I rather spend 1k- 2k for a good looking e-commerce website than do a lousy job myself and save cash.

            Good luck!
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              phanio Pioneer
              I kind of like your site. I built mine - not knowing anything about html - mine looks like it was drawn with a crayon - but I try to focus more of providing solid information and resources. I think you should do the same. Add some content - work on SEO. Traffic will come. Many designers get to caught up in the design and forget about the product. Make sure you have a great product.

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