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    Working smarter

    Armelle Newbie

      As I approach my 40's, I am seriously embracing working smarter. What I mean is that after years of work, I end up with 2 very different types of businesses.


      My 1^st ^one, created in 2000, follows a classic structure: overhead, employees, product manufacturing. I love it, but it takes most of my time, and revenues, even when doing well.


      My second one started more recently. As someone very concerned to age well and be healthy, I started using daily a superjuice called MonaVie (after reading that Sumner Redstone, CEO of Viacom, called it his anti-aging secret. So did well known Dr. Perricone). I loved the product so much, that I decided to become a distributor. It cost me $39 to enroll, which gave me access to all their virtual office, collateral, customer service, product wholesale prices, website, all included. No overhead, no manufacturing, no shipping anything, no big investment. Just a great product that fits perfectly our baby boomer time. I now make more money out of distributing a product I love, with no employees, no overhead, no hassle, than with my classic business.


      Both businesses are exciting and rewarding, but I do believe in having time left to enjoy my family and life. Now, you need to define what you are trying to achieve. Wealth. Quality life. Or both...
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Right on. That is one of the reasons why people go into business.
          Quality of life. Business should be both rewarding and exciting.
          We need to wake up each day with a challange.
          This web site (Bank of America on line) is a great source of info and reward to me.
          SCORE is another organization in which I volunteer and find exciting